Fusion food and how bright a future it has in 2014

Cooking methods which are used in fusion cooking

The fusion cooking methods take help of baking, roasting, grilling, stewing, stir frying and many other techniques. This is according to the place and the food that is being made. The ingredients commonly used in the fusion kind of dishes like in fusion Sushi dishes are basmati rice, cheese, Salsa and Spanish rice.

Different kind of fusion cuisine

tex mex blog pic

Tex Mex cuisine

This kind of a cuisine is popular in America, Mexico as well as Texas. The fusion cuisine outside Texas is known South-Eastern cuisine. The favorite menus on the cards of fusion cuisine are Hatch Chile, Tostadas, Fajitas and Quesadillas.


Italian American Cuisine

This a fusion invented by Italian émigrés. They have been modified by Americans as well. Some of the best kind of fusion food is spaghettis with meat balls, baked ziti and tiramisu, eggplant parmesan, and baked pies.


Indian Chinese cuisine

This kind of cuisine has been adopted by Indian people. They use Chinese herbs and their culinary skills for adding taste to their cuisine. Introduced by a Chinese community in India, the fusion food includes Manchurian chicken, Hakka noodles, sweet corn soup, and many other.


Gourmet fusion dishes

These are some of the fusion dishes which are commonly tried out by most of the people in the world today.

Teriyaki Protabella Mushroom Salad 500

Mushroom and Cheese Salads- Mushroom and cheese salads are one of the most popular dishes which are served in all kinds of cuisines.


Wilted greens and veggies-This is a healthy vegetarian fusion dish that is served as a side dish in vegetarian fusion cuisine.


Mango Papaya Salsa- This traditional Mexican fusion combines tasty and juicy mangoes and papayas. This is a must have food for all.


Alajento Veal with Sushi

The very name says that this is a Japanese fusion food. This is commonly eaten in Europe and Japanese countries.

Some very common fusion foods which are loved by all over the globe are

  • Toast with mushrooms, yogurt and herbs- snacks that is served as fusion cuisine
  • Pasta primavera- This is an Italian food served in American and Indian cuisine as well
  • Tuna, ricotta cake and Guacamole- This is an amalgamation of Blended tuna fish and Ricotta cheese

Fusion food has a very bright future in the coming years because it is loved and accepted by all over the globe. The exotic tastes and different types of combination go well with the taste of contemporary men. 


Fusion food is an amalgamation of various kinds of cuisines mixed together. It is not a specific food for any particular region. Asian restaurants have made fusion food popular and in great demand. With the different kind of changing tastes of man, fusion food is definitely here to stay. Below are some fusion foods that are well loved by people.

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