Five top dishes that symbolize USA

Lime Pie

Lime Pie is a great favorite among the people of the USA. It is known as the official state pie of Florida as well. Named by Florida, the delicious Lime pie is a combination of fresh key lime juice; Sweetened condensed milk which makes the pie well bonded, and egg yolks that are well cooked. All these ingredients and combines to make it into one tasty lime pie and ohh!  It is indeed one of the best delicacies of America.

America is well known for lime pie and whenever you hear the same, you start saying, America… here I come.


Tater Tots

This is a unique combination of potatoes which are sold all along the school cafeterias, the drive ways and all the malls. These are similar to French Fries. Potatoes are cut and well washed after which they are added with some flour and seasoning and then shaped and mashed into small tiny tots. America is very famous for these tater tots and around 32 million kilos of these Tater Tots are consumed by Americans on an Annual basis. And why not? They are simply delicious.


Hamburger and Coke 

Now how can you forget the unique combination of Hamburger and Coke that comes all the way from our beloved USA? Made with the finest quality of soft and fluffy bread which is stuffed with exotic vegetables like lettuce, cabbage leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, Kiwi, Olives, Onions and many more and the main ingredient of the hamburger Is a meaty loaf of chicken or beef. Have it with a glass of chilled coke and it would simply taste heavenly.


Cobb Salad

Yet another delicious mouth watering American dish that tastes good on the tongue and is good for health as well. Consisting of some delicious salads like Lettuce, avocados, Tomatoes and cucumbers, water cress, Romaine, and some cold dressings like a chicken breast, a hardboiled egg, cheese, some chives and some French  mayonnaise dressing , this is a must have American food. Some crispy bacon can also be added to make the food delicious.


Pot Roast

Last but not the least, a combination of well roasted onions, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, and onions, chicken or, beef which is well stewed in a pot, the Pot Roast is a delicacy in the USA. It can be cooked in the oven as well as the stove.


USA has been well known for its variety of junk food as well as food that adds to the nutritional value .They have a great appetite for some of the best tasting food which makes it easier for them to cook some of the best culinary. Here are some of the top 5 dishes that are a must have in America.

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