Greek dishes that are a must have this 2014

Greek Salad

There is a notion that Salads are only well famous in America. But that it not true. Try out the exotic salad preparations in Greece. A Greek salad does not contain lettuce but instead it carries loads of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, black olives, Kiwis and pepper, and of course some of the most exotic herbs like thyme and rosemary. To top it up, it has a fresh big chunk of feta cheese at the top.



Have you ever heard of the name Moussaka? If you still have not tasted it, taste it in Greece. Loaded with tender, juice and soft eggplant, meat and a big piece of cheddar cheese, and creamy sauce, this is a must have food. However if you are planning to reduce your weight, you better control your bites of this delicious food. One should try out this food once in a lifetime. Encumbered with spicy herbs and the best quality ingredients, you would long to have more of it.


Stuffed Grape Leaves 

Try out a handful of stuffed grape Leaves in Greece. The exotic and unique dish will remind you of something like a stuffed cabbage recipe. Instead of tomato sauce, this dish uses a great tasting egg lemon sauce that gives the dish a flavor that one will love to have once and again.


Lamb meat with roasted potatoes 

Lamb meat is very popular in Greece and you ought to have this tender, fleshy and juicy lamb once you put your foot in Greece. The soft, juicy and fleshy leg of a lamb is roasted with small potatoes that are again seasoned with lemon, garlic, onion and oregano herbs. This is a simple and sophisticated Greek dish that is great to taste.



This is almost certainly the most common Greek dessert that is made with slim phyllo dough sheets and syrup that is made of honey, sweet and finely chopped nuts. It is a dessert that everyone would love to have at the end of every meal. You should definitely not miss this piece of dessert when you travel to Greece.

tofu kabobs (6)

Skewered Kabobs

Have you ever tried finding out where Kebabs actually came from? The delicious and exotic piece of food consists of large chunks of boneless, chicken, fish, or meat along with grilled prawn, cottage cheese, tomatoes, pepper and many more. All these are grilled to excellence and served in a stick. This mouth watering food is definitely a must have when you travel to Greece in 2014.


Greece has given birth to some of the most exotic flavors in the world and there are several Greek dishes that are loved all over the world. Here are some of the best Greek dishes that you must try out in the year 2014.

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