8 Amazing Earth Day Snack Ideas To Make The Celebration Grander


Earth Day is celebrated to honour the most beautiful planet we are blessed to be on. Any celebration is incomplete without a grand feast. And if the food is meant for the celebration of Earth day, it must be something very different and special. This Sunday, on the 22nd of April, we will be celebrating Earth day. It will be great if we switch to smart and clean eating to celebrate the great cause. A shift towards plant-based foods, or being a part of the meatless movement, would be a great idea. Below mentioned are some tasty and healthy Earth Day snack ideas, which perfectly go with the idea of this celebration.

Coriander glazed carrots as one of the special Earth Day snack ideas


This Earth Day food item, that is, coriander glazed carrots, is prepared with fresh citrus, cilantro, and crushed coriander seeds. This simple yet amazing dish serves as one of the best snack ideas for Earth Day. Prepared with fewer ingredients, this dish can be cooked very quickly.

Gnocchi with brown butter and sage

Another among the Earth Day snack ideas is the Gnocchi with brown butter and sage. The ingredients used to prepare this dish are kosher salt, russet potatoes, eggs, and all purpose flour. Ingredients used to prepare the sauce are salted butter, sage leaves, red pepper flakes, and parmesan cheese. This is again a relished dish, which perfectly suits the purpose of Earth Day snack ideas.

The vibrant Parsley Pesto


This healthy and tasty dish consists of the perfect combination of traditional as well as the Italian touch. The pesto sauces can have many green veggies according to your choice – like broccoli rabe, spinach, arugula, and many more in addition to basil. There is a blend of traditional tastes like pine nuts, garlic and fruity olive oil, in addition to the Italian flat leaf parsley in making the sauce. It can be then used as a topping on pizza, steamed veggies, or any other food items of your choice.

Spicy parmesan green beans and kale

Other amazing snack ideas for Earth Day includes the spicy parmesan green beans and kale which is again very tasty as well as nutritious. The green beans are sautéed with earthy mushrooms and onions. After that, some white wine and leafy kale is added to the mixture. Some lemon juice is squeezed in the end to prepare the noble Earth Day food.

The BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomatoes) bites


These are the crimson tomato baubles, which are brimmed with BLT fixins. The ingredients needed to prepare the dish are bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise, green onion, parsley and parmesan or cheddar cheese. Scoop out the pulp from tomatoes after cutting slices from the top. Drain them on paper towels, put the mixture of the ingredients inside a bowl, and refrigerate for several hours. The dish is ready.

Tasty funfetti fudge

The ingredients used to prepare the funfetti fudge are vanilla chips, canpillsbury pink vanilla, funfetti frosting, and mini marshmallows. The vanilla chips are melted over low heat till they are smooth. The frosting is stir in and then the marshmallows are added. Finally refrigerate and the fudge is ready.

Pizza popcorn


This amazing dish is a lovely surprise for all the pizza and popcorn lovers. A simple yet extremely tasty one, the main ingredients being freshly popped corn, butter, oregano, dried basil, dried red pepper flakes, garlic salt, and parmesan cheese. Just melt the butter over the popcorn and top with all the ingredients. Top with cheese, toss well, and enjoy the awesome taste.

Nacho Kale chips

One very interesting snack ideas for Earth Day indeed is the nacho kale chips. The ingredients used to prepare this amazing Earth Day food are kale, soaked cashews, lemon juice, yeast, chilli powder, cumin, v and garlic powder. After blending all the ingredients together until smooth, the batter is laid on parchment paper and baked to prepare chips.

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