Food that are a hit in Australia in the year 2014

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Food in the Kangaroo Land

Australia is slowly gaining popularity in the world of food; the blend of authentic and modern ingredients is the specialty of Australian chefs. This ‘down under’ country is actually climbing up the charts when it comes to food trends. This year has seen a rise in new trends in the food and wine industry in Australia; from Edible Insects to Australian-Asian Fusion. Few of the best Australian food trends are mentioned below.

Roasted mealworms are served with Cantonese fried rice

Edible Insects

Insects are healthy source of proteins, and no one knows this better than the Australians. According to Australian/Chinese chef Kylie Kwong, these edible insects are a good alternative to protein, they are highly nutritious and delicious and also sustainable to produce. In her restaurant ‘Billy Kwong’ she serves these edible insects and the diners love it. Roasted mealworms are served with Cantonese fried rice; crickets are stir-fried and served with blackbean and chilli. Also chilli sauce made of cricket served along with crushed wood cockroaches is a hit with the diners.

Australian Ingredients

Native Australian Ingredients

What can be better than consuming the plants grown in one’s own land? Australians can now have a taste of native Australian wild plants and wild fruits that have been a part of Australia’s tradition and have been enjoyed by them for centuries. One such ingredient is ‘Warrigal’. Warrigal greens are wild plants that are rich in iron; Hot-smoked kangaroo shoulder sandwiches and fire-charred Coorong mullet with sweet apple berries and flax lily are becoming popular.

Austral-Asian Fusion

Austral-Asian Fusion

Asian Food has always been loved all over the world. Chefs in Australia have a special place in their heart for Asia and they have modernized the Asian food with the help of Australian flavors and ingredients that have given rise to Austral-Asian Fusion dishes. Spice Temple restaurant in Australia offers many Austral-Asian dishes on the menu. The notable ones include raw sea scallop with lup cheong sausage and wood ear fungus along with eel that is smoked lightly and also silken tofu and century egg.

Apart from these, there have also been innovations in the beer and wine industry with green juices trending on the world chart.

Summary – This article briefs you about the best food trends in the country of Australia, suggesting what food you should have this season.

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