Food borne illness linked to poultry, seafood on the rise

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Food borne illness has been a major concern in the United States and many American people suffered from the same in the year 2012. The Centers for disease control and prevention did some research and tests and presented the latest report on Tuesday. It said the American people who were victims of the food borne illness showed signs of infection from particular bacteria that are usually found in seafood that is obtained from coastal waters or in uncooked poultry as well. This revelation done by the report clearly linked the illness with the seafood and the poultry.

There are many different kinds of food borne illnesses that can attack people and the ten US monitoring websites keep tracking the rise and fall of food borne illnesses caused by various bacteria. These websites found that the illness caused due to Campylobacter has shown an increase of almost fourteen percent in the year 2012 since 2006. Bacteria Campylobacter is usually associated with undercooked or may be raw poultry and also in raw milk products. Another report that these websites gave is discussed below for your perusal.

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The food borne sicknesses that can be associated with bacteria called Vibrio showed a growth of no less than forty three percent. It is to be noted that food borne illnesses caused by Vibrio are far less common than that caused by pathogens called Salmonella or also E.Coli. For bacteria such as Campylobacter the increase of fourteen percent is still a decline in the stats when linked to pathogen some fifteen years ago. But when you look at the graph of Vibrio then this gradual increase has been observed since the year 1996. The two different pathogens attack the consumers at two totally varied age levels.


The Campylobacter strikes people from all age groups but the observation states that mostly children below the age groups of five are affected the most from it. Vibrio on the other hand shows maximum ill effects on people that are above the ages of sixty five. Salmonella is one pathogen that is linked to food borne diseases the most as it has affected many people in the past. All the pathogens mentioned above can cause many symptoms of disease in a person and some of the common ones are vomiting and diarrhea and the people are most affected by them are the ones with weak immune systems.

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