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Epicurean masters of the world: Celebrating culinary arts

chefs12The masters of the culinary world had gathered in the International gourmet festival, and they have been attracting enough crowds since the past six days with their culinary art. These Epicurean masters had gathered in The Dome on Silom road in Bangkok. The most renowned Epicurean masters of the world who had gathered in The Dome were Antoine Westermann, three Michelin stars from Restaurant Burhiesel in Strasbourg, Anton Mosimann from, London’s Dorchester Hotel, Heinz Winkler and the youngest one to arrive was the only representative of Thailand, Ian Chalermkittichai.

The masters had their own philosophy. While Anton Mosimann insisted to keep the dishes simple, Westermann’s philosophy emphasized on giving due respect to the ingredients and Winkler attached much importance to health foods. The event brought out the most sophisticated variety of main meals, appetizers, followed by a hearty dinner made by the chefs.
The best part of the event was the excitement in the kitchen when the Thai staff had lined up to work for the chefs; and outside the kitchen it was an array of dishes covering different themes and imagination and creativity of the chefs that contributed to mark Bangkok as the gourmet destination on the food map.
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