Home Food Trends Guide £8,000 pie: Eating a piece of the most expensive food in the world

£8,000 pie: Eating a piece of the most expensive food in the world


This time it is not a chocolate cake with a diamond ring or the red ruby cocktail, drawing articles and not ingredients into the recipe and making the expenses cover an incoherent heap of food. This time the assertion of the £8,000 beef and mushroom pie is not an exaggeration of the till now expensive $10,000 omelet. A recent article in BBC says that it is the most expensive food with £500 of beef, Chinese mushrooms worth more than £2,000 and the sauce is paired with 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine costing £4,000 and the crust is topped with gold leaf.

This makes me think of the total cost of food per day in Chinese imperial kitchens, which costed 60 taels or 1.2oz of silver per day…now do not ask me to evaluate it. However, if Fence Gate Inn in Burnley, Lancashire, has invested in the baking of this expensive pie, it must be for a special occasion or a V.I.P. visit. The inn can also think of selling this pie, made by Spencer Burge, per piece, and may be put it up for charity. There are people who are spending a lot of money doing charity and this is a good way of auctioning it for a noble purpose.

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