Cereal: a great way to start the day

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and when sending your children out of the house you want to be sure they get a good start to the day Studies reported by the University of Leeds show that kids who eat breakfast concentrate more in class, eat healthier throughout the day, are more likely to take part in sports and are less likely to get irritable and tired – keeping temper tantrums at bay!

After a long sleep where the body goes without food, a decent breakfast is needed to kick-start the morning.

What to eat for breakfast?

According to research from University of Leeds, fibres, whole grains, proteins and food low in sugar help increase attention spans, memory and concentration, all of which are essential for school and classroom activities. Calcium and other nutrients help with weight control and blood cholesterol levels.

Cereal is a great option for breakfast for children as it is quick, easy and contains the benefits mentioned above if you choose the right type, such as those made from tasty oats. Cereals are a good way to give your children the nutritious values of milk too. Putting the fun back into breakfast

Whilst cereals are a great start to the day, it can sometimes be difficult to get in the mood for breakfast early in the morning. Thankfully there are many great breakfast recipes out there to try to make this fabulous morning meal appeal even to those who are not morning people!



To get your kids interested in breakfast, why not let them prepare and plan their breakfasts with you? Getting them involved in the cooking process can make the meal more exciting and interactive, teaching them life skills and giving them a wholesome start to the day.

If you want something a little different to the traditional bowl of cereal, why not opt for cereal bars? These are packed full of the same nutrients and benefits as your traditional bowl but are conveniently hand-sized which makes them perfect for little fingers.

Choose cereal bars which contain wholesome ingredients such as oats and other tasty grains and perhaps look for varieties with dried fruits, nuts and seeds.


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