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Body sushi: Sushi served on the semi nude torso of a woman

sushi semi naked womanEating sushi from the torso of a semi nude, 24 year old woman! Gracious Goodness its nyotaimori. No it is not another crazy food idea, it’s a Japanese tradition and this time I would like to reserve my comments…except for the way the sushi clad woman is shot, yea except for what she shoots.

Tabitha is the name of this literally edible***man!!! And the poetry that goes to her is: breasts clad with oyster shells and leaves, groins adorned with bamboo , a beautiful mermaid showing the universe what it is to be a fish…Ouch I quit as I am not a poet, and even poetry fails in front of this woman’s guts. So, what if she gets $500 per shift. Too less, for a culinary art of such a higher degree.

Leave out the excitement of seeing a woman serving seafood from her torso itself and I guess what goes into the system of men along with the seafood, when the tradition allows to pick the seafood without forks. What I am thinking is of a woman’s capacity to assume the role of a dead crockery while going for this valor…I thank Pinto for trying this body sushi with male models. This is what I call as expensive food. Watch it at: Metro

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