Balancing taste and nutritional requirements in our diet

“Health is Wealth” the proverb has been known to us since we were school going children. Yes “being healthy” is the most important thing that we need to be because on our health depends our strength and our immune system. A healthy balanced diet is thus our key to success in every field. On the other hand, a healthy balanced diet does not at all mean excluding or omitting any particular food item. Instead, it refers to creating a perfect balance between what our tongue likes and what actually is necessary for our body to provide it with the essential nutrients.

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As a result, more and more dieticians are encouraging the consumers to eat food which has a great taste as well as the essential vital nutrients. According to Dr. Glenna McCollum, a registered dietician, nutritionist and also the President of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, taste is the biggest driving factor behind people’s choice of food.

Thus, we must necessarily try to balance our choice of food according to our taste and the nutrient content. According to Dr. McCollum, the process of making this choice is not a difficult one.

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How can taste and health go hand in hand?

For people who like to feast on roasted Brussels sprouts, steamed shrimps, grilled flank steak, baked butternut squash or even morning latte with skim, there is good news. These foods are good to taste and are important for a healthy heart and proper weight. For those who want to have food like bacon they should choose center-cut bacon since it contains lesser amount of fat and has almost 20 percent fewer calories too.

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How to impress kids to eat healthy food?

Kida are often the most difficult audience to please, especially when it comes to eating healthy food. It is necessary to encourage and influence kids to eat fruits and vegetable since it provides better health and greater immunity towards diseases. Which begs the question, how? The best way is preparing a smoothie with add-ons such as fruit juices, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, bananas plus some sprinklers. It would be best if you allow your kids to make it all on their own. Food could also be given a healthier twist. For example pizza which is liked by all the kids could be made with a healthier whole wheat base topped with pasta sauce, shred cheese and veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, and baby spinach.


Eating healthy is excellent, eating tasty is equally important. You should always eat your favorite food items like ice creams and cakes in moderation so that you don’t exceed the prescribed limit. Balancing your wants and needs in your diet you can enjoy the food and have a healthy mind and body too.

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