7 vegan foods that taste like meat


When you became a vegan, you may not have thought you would miss the taste of meat, as you sometimes do. Giving up meat was a decision for the better health of yourself and your planet, and more people need to become vegans. When the craving for meat hits you, then instead of going out and buying some chicken wings, stay strong and indulge in these vegan foods which taste like meat.

7 vegan foods which taste like meat


TempehTempeh is made by fermenting soybeans. It has a grainy texture and nutty flavor. It is firm and the taste, when combined with other spices and vegetables, is like meat. It’s great for the health as well, as it is packed with calcium, fiber, vitamins and proteins. Unlike tofu, which is similar to tempeh, you don’t have to press it before slicing, dicing or grinding.

Some find it a little bitter, but this bitter taste can be removed by steaming it a little before using. You can use it as a substitute for fish, duck, mutton or pork. This is one of the vegan foods which taste like meat.

TofuHiyayakko Tofu

Tofu is also made from soybean and can be used as substitute for many meat and seafood recipes. Tofu is soft and spongy, but if you press it hard, it will become pretty firm, especially if you freeze it. Its bland natural taste allows it to absorb other flavors easily, such as marinades and spices, so you can enjoy a great meat-tasting meal.



Mushrooms such as Portobello mushrooms are fleshy and juicy, just like meat. It is one of the vegan foods which many people use to create delicious dishes. Portobello mushrooms with pecans can be a red meat substitute and the vegetable stock with thyme and rosemary is the perfect gravy for it.

Mushrooms in a mushroom-based sauce, which are thickly sliced, and onions can be used for the stuffing of a baguette. The taste will be the equivalent of a meat-based sauce.

The rich flavor of mushrooms, Portobello, shitake or cremini, and their meaty and earthy tastes, makes them one of the top choices for foods that taste like meat. They can be used in any recipe – make mushroom pate instead of liver pate, or do a Mushroom cheesesteak or Mushroom stroganoff.  If you used to love lamb burgers, then the mushroom burger will remind you of the same taste.


SeitanSeitan is at the top of the list of the foods which taste like meat. As it is made from wheat gluten, it is suitable for people who do not have gluten allergy. It has loads of protein as well. Depending on the flavoring, Seitan can taste like poultry or red meat. Its dense texture allows it to withstand braising, frying and grilling. Seitan ribs, hot dogs, sausages, made by mixing with the right ingredients, will satisfy your longing for meat!


JackfruitThe chewy texture of Jackfruit makes it the perfect vegetarian substitute for meat. Though it is a fruit, jackfruit is one of the foods which taste like meat. It can be even chewier if it is roasted for about 15 minutes. It is slightly sweet, so rub in some hot spices to create a vegan hot and sweet dish.

Indian, Chinese and Mexican meat recipes can taste great with Jackfruit being used in place of the meat. Consider using it for recipes which require red meat to be softened as it tastes great in such recipes. Buy some canned jackfruit and try it out in a smoky barbecue flavor.


CauliflowerAn ex meat eater might be reminded of the crispy chicken wings from time to time. At times like these, you can resist the impulse to go out and buy some real chicken wings by making a delicious substitute. The vegetarian substitute for chicken wings is cauliflower. Just dip them in a delectable batter and fry it or bake it to get the texture which is just the same as chicken wings.


TVPIt is a vegetable protein which you can use as one of the best ingredients to make patties in place of ground meat. You can make cutlets, burgers, meatloaves, Irish Stew, Chicken Salad with pistachios and cranberries – the list can go on. TVP is also known as TSP and is basically dehydrated soy, which has to be rehydrated. You can buy it in chunks or granules’ form.

It’s tough to stay vegan, especially if you have recently turned one, so meat tasting vegan foods are a great replacement. Use your imagination or your favorite cook book to get the most delicious looking meat recipes out and replace the meat with these great ‘vegan meats’ to satisfy your craving for meat!

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