5 innovative pizza ideas you could try your culinary skills on

Pizza is one of the best junk foods well known for its yummy taste which lingers for hours. From being store bought, with the availability of the pizza base and other toppings, it is seen being prepared even better at home with a proper microwave or conventional oven that works well. This lets to the super starts in kitchen add creativity to the pizzas to make it much better than those normal store bought ones.

Healthy pizza

eating Margherita Cheese Pizza

Ditching the fat is difficult when the pizza is store bought, so it’s a better idea to add on healthy stuff on the pizza base. Bring the green revolution with the addition of spinach on the pizza, have a right portion of spinach that is minced and boiled or also just sautéed until cooked, which when added as one of the topping along with the tomatoes, onions and other condiments, it looks green and healthy. A different trial for health and fun to meet together!

Fruity Pizza

Fruity Pizza

Add a portion of grilled pineapple topped with chili powder, which is also widely used starter in recent time, along with few pieces of banana for flavor with a handful of mint. It gives a good fruit punch to the pizza base.

Nachos pizza

Nachos pizza

Prepare nachos first and add in cheese with other toppings, include jalapeño, black olives, tomatoes, onions, corns and capsicum. Once done, add the nachos mix with the other add-ons over the pizza base and grill them normal. This would look totally different with the combination of nacho and pizza together; add in a lot of cheese in between the pizza and nachos, to have a great bite of the mix.

Chat pizza

Pani Puri

Turning a desi Indian with the pizza, throw in all the chat materials at home to turn a pizza a better experience with entertainment. Add on the Pani Puri and bhel puri stuffs which are normally prepared like everyone does, then top it on the pizza base and get it baked. Add cheese toppings so that the bhel sticks well with the pizza.

Popcorn pizza

Popcorn pizza

Get the 2 minutes popcorn to bring the best pizza, add an equal portion of salted, caramelized and butter popcorn, add in cheese all over with some onion and other toppings, grill it in the oven. The best taste of popcorn on a pizza is ready instantly.


The modern pizza has undergone a change beyond the usual style and classic look of the Italian delicacy. In fact, having Pizzas that look as good as the ones mentioned here could also prove to be great Pizza Advertising Ideas. So, maybe it’s time to experiment more and get it suited not only for your taste buds but for your eyes as well.

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