3 Reasons to Craft a Diet (That Has Nothing to Do with Taste!)

Kombucha is a challenging drink

I’m not going to lie to you: Kombucha is a challenging drink for the uninitiated. The first time you taste it, you will swear that it is the worst thing you ever put in your mouth and vow to never drink it again. You will happily chew on dirty socks just to get the taste out of your mouth. It really is that bad. If you can make it past the initial gag reflex, kombucha is said to have many health benefits. In fairness, you might have the same reaction to blue cheese or yogurt, and not the frozen kind that tastes like ice cream.

For many people, none of these items produced love at first bite, or sip. But they stuck with it because they had a reason beyond taste that made them want to push past their initial reaction and learn to get the perceived benefits. Sometimes, the benefit is just fitting in with people you care about. That is not always a good thing. Many people start smoking or drinking to fit in. That is a powerful, if not healthy motivation. Your own diet is probably not complete if it only consists of things for which you have taste preference. Here are a few good reasons why your diet should probably include things that you don’t necessarily like.

1. Gut Health

Gut HealthIt seems there are a lot of home remedies for gut health that involve things people don’t necessarily like. From time to time, something that is good for your gut health also pleases the palate. You can actually find a cleanse diet that tastes as good as it is good for you. Not everyone will enjoy the same thing, though, so your mileage will certainly vary. But there are bound to be some aspects of a cleanse diet that you enjoy. You would be surprised at how much variety there can be.

Gut health often involves some form of bacteria, mold, fungus, or something else you might find unappealing. Many people eat Greek yogurt strictly to help regulate their gut health. Do you know what yogurt is? There is a reason companies cover it with fruit and nuts and sugar. It can be a hard habit to start if you start with the pure stuff. Just know that options like peppermint and lime are also very beneficial for people with certain gut problems. You could have a peppermint milkshake and a slice of key lime pie as medicine. Don’t overuse that line. It will only work once. You’re welcome.

2. Weight Loss

Of course, the classic reason to eat things of which you are no fan is weight loss. People will do all kinds of things to shed a few pounds. The good news is that weight-loss diets don’t have to be challenging to the taste buds.If you enjoy salads in general, you can make any salad with any dressing and ingredients that will, in all likelihood, be healthier than the PB&J that you would have normally had.

Weight loss can be accomplished just by eating less of what you love. Technically, having the small fries and drink with your Quarter-Pounder meal will net you fewer pounds than if you supersize it. But of course, you can lose even more weight by not stopping at the Golden Arches. There is also your gut health to consider. As with everything else in life, garbage in, garbage out.

3. Glucose Control

checking-Glucose-levelThere are plenty of things you can eat that are fine for the gut and will help you lose weight. But if you are diabetic, you will need to prioritize foods that control your glucose. The good news is that even if you don’t watch your glucose intake and just do what it takes to lose weight, you will go a long way toward controlling your diabetes. The toughest part is finding a sugar substitute you like. Getting rid of the sugar from your house and shopping list can be done quickly. But your taste buds will need a little time to adjust. Fortunately, that adjustment doesn’t take that long.

You can be forgiven for not giving kombucha a second try. But at some point, you will need to deprioritize taste for the sake of better gut health, weight loss, and glucose control. Your sacrifice will be absolutely worth it.

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