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10 Weirdest pizza toppings you’ll ever see

Pizza, which is the world’s most popular and sustaining fast food, has various versions of its origin. However, this humble round bread was given a sophisticated lift in the 18th century Italy, when baker Don Raffaela Esposito created the Pizza Margherita in the honor of Queen Margherita of Italy. He fashioned the pizza on the colors of the Italian flag and named it as the Margherita Pizza. It became an instant hit. Earlier, the ancient Greeks also used unleavened bread with vegetable toppings. This was more of a quick meal rather than based on its presentation. However, it was the Italian pizza which changed this simple, rustic bread into a sophisticated delight.

In the present day, pizza has been undergoing various toppings according to a country’s taste and whims. Here is the list of some of the weirdest pizza toppings so far.

1. Japanese mega pizza

This is truly a mega, weird creation of the Japanese. The pizza crust is fashioned out of hot dogs, wrapped around with rolls of molten cheese and bacon. In the center of this is added the hamburgers, cheese rolls, bacon bits, ham, bacon, onion, mushroom, garlic, tomato sauce and pepper. This is more of a pie with two different toppings of maple syrup and ketchup. The Japanese surely has imported America to Asia in a big way by creating their own unique style of pizza.

2. Fried egg pizza

Another weird topping of a pizza is the fried egg, sunny side up. It sits pertly on top of the otherwise already topped pizza. This version is quite popular in France and Brazil where people literally relish it. The egg is cooked separately and placed on top or is left to cook on top of the hot pizza. Certainly, the egg has been given a new avatar on a pizza. Any takers!

3. Happy meal pizza

This is possibly one of the most over loaded caloric horrors for a meal. It has ‘the more the merrier’ selection of McDonald’s snacks for fat kids. The pizza base is loaded over with mini burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets and generously dribbling with cheese. It is supposed to be a meal upon a meal for the huge appetites. Quite a cholesterol fright.

4. Squid Ink Pizza

This is one weird pizza topping which will give you mixed reactions. Aquatic is the word for this pizza. The pizza is topped over with tomato, cheese, shrimps and blotched over in squib ink. Even for seafood lovers, the pizza has much to say about its presentation, covered in the purplish black squib ink. One may love the sea, but sitting and staring into a squib covered pizza in a restaurant can prove to be just a little too much.

5. Fruit and cream pizza

This fruit pizza is more of a confectioner’s delight with its creamy texture, and the almost glazed over looking fruits. It may be enriched with the value of Vitamin C but its rich, creamy icing leaves a lot to be desired at. This is more of an afternoon tea bite rather than a proper meal.

6. Pickle, port and grape pizza

This pizza with pickle, grapes and gorgonzola cheese is generously doused over with port. It looks like an assortment of leftovers assembled for a hurried meal, but in the end, it might just turn out to be most appetizing.

7. Rice mizza pizza

This is a Korean version of a pizza made out of rice. The base is crunchy rice patty topped over with chicken curry. The base is rather tasteless, but once you work your way into the chicken curry, it comes possibly close to appetizing.

8. Chocolate pizza

What can one possibly say for a pizza loaded over with marshmallows and dark chocolate? Its unappealing, rich combination may be a little too much for some.

9. Cheeseburger pizza

This is a more refined version of the McDonald’s, Happy Meal Pizza. This cheeseburger pizza has ground minced beef, fried onion toppings, ketchup and tons of cheese. Inspired by the cheeseburger, this pizza could just prove to be a tasty meal.

10. Nino’s luxury pizza

This pizza is certainly for the rich and famous at a whopping $1000 in New York City. Leaving aside its taste, this is meant only for the true sophisticated gourmet. It is topped with six varieties of expensive caviar, fresh lobster, creme fraiche and chives. This has been created more so for a quick publicity gimmick.

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