Tips for Maintaining Your Foodie Status When You’re Busy

Maintaining Your Foodie Status

Let’s face it – being a Foodie is a full-time hobby! Not only are you spending time researching the most intriguing recipes and ingredients, but you’re also researching different diets and lifestyles too. Whether you’re a plant-based foodie, a keto foodie, or an I’ll try anything, anytime foodie, a lot of person-hours go into the lifestyle. Add on top of all that, ingredient sourcing and shopping, unless being one is your full-time job, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to indulge in your food passion the way you wish you could.

Fortunately, with the ever-evolving online food marketplace, delivery service, online tutorials, and other convenience services that have popped up (then exploded during lockdowns), things have gotten a little easier on these fronts. Below we’ll explore some ways to keep your food passion alive while simultaneously juggling everyday work, budgetary restrictions and family obligations. 

Subscription Services

No matter what your food passion is, chances are there is a subscription service for it. Are you constantly searching for the perfect cuppa, Joe? There’s a coffee subscription for that? Wanting to save money on produce but don’t care if it has minor, aesthetic imperfections? There’s a subscription for that! Recently discovered you have food sensitivities and need to follow new dietary guidelines? You guessed it! There’s even a subscription for that.

Beyond just specifics, you can also utilize subscriptions to services that deliver all your grocery needs to your front door. Whether it’s GoPuff or Instacart and all the regional delivery services in between, if your life is sometimes too hectic to make it to the grocery store, invest in an annual membership to one of these services. The upfront investment (which is typically under $100) gives you perks, like waiving delivery fees, exclusive deals, and coupons, to name a few. Another bonus of subscribing to these delivery services is time you do have to go food shopping can be spent at more specialty stores like natural food stores, farmers markets, or shops that specialize in foods from specific regions and cultures. 

Order In

Gasp! I know, part of the experience of being a true Foodie is experiencing that $100 steak in the restaurant where the chef artfully prepared the dish. However, with some people still wary of eating out in general, you can still satisfy your food passions while enjoying the comfort of your own home. If you’re worried about the difference in taste in texture based on the delivery times, you can always opt for calling your order in and picking it up curbside on your own. You can even ask the staff if there are secrets to enjoying it, like popping it back in the oven at certain temperatures for a specific amount of time. A quick google search (or a true Foodie already knows) that most cities – big or small – have some serious fine dining. Even the small and idyllic town of Charlottesville, Virginia, has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the country besides New York, New York.

Join Co-Ops

Most towns have some form of local food co-ops. These are great organizations to join because, for a small fee, you can easily place orders online for the freshest, most local fares. From farm-fresh eggs, perfect seasonal produce, minimally processed loaves of bread to locally made ferments, spices, and herbs. Joining co-ops is a great way to get the best of the best and support your local economy. Another bonus – many of them – to keep the local economy flowing – adapted to lockdown. So even though things are returning to a new normal, you can still place your weekly or bi-weekly orders online, filling out quick and convenient forms. Most co-ops utilize convenient daily pick-up locations that vary depending on the day of the week. They’re definitely worth looking into when you want your food as fresh and organic as possible.

A shared love of food is one of the great unifiers. Now that we can safely gather with friends and family again, I hope that you return to preparing large, delicious, and inspired meals for more than just yourself. After all, health is wealth, and the easiest way to stay healthy is to nourish your body with what you put inside it. So, take advantage of these tips to stay healthy and happy even when you’re in a rush!

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