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The Pros and Cons of Using an AirFryer


You may have seen a lot on the internet and in adverts recently about a new kitchen appliance that is causing quite a stir in the kitchenware market. Some people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and others aren’t so sure. I speak of course, of the air fryer!


It’s a fascinating new gadget that is revolutionising the way people make food. Using a large mechanical fan in its inner workings, it blows extremely hot air that is laced with cooking oil around a cooking tray with your food in it. After a while this process begins to fry the food just like a deep-fat fryer would. And you come out with amazing fried food every time.

But like every kitchen appliance that bursts onto the scene, there are split opinions about it. People have found that they love its features, or find them to be a bit problematic and annoying.

Well, we are going to try and help to set the record straight on air fryers. We are going to provide you with a list of pros and cons, what’s good about them, and what’s not so good! That way, you can really get to know whether it’s the right purchase for you. And, what you’re getting yourself into if you do choose to purchase one.


·         Healthy

So many people these days are really focused on making everything they eat super healthy. The connection between unhealthy foods and obesity has never been more obvious. And this being the case, people are desperate for things that can make food that is tasty and easy to make, yet is still healthy enough to make them not feel too bad they are eating it. The air fryer is a perfect example of an appliance like this, the method that it uses to cook food ensures that it is nowhere near as unhealthy as soaking your food in a deep fat fryer. This is because you are not using as much grease as you would if you were to fry it in oil. Therefore, the food comes out pretty healthy.

·         Easy to clean

So many people are put off frying their food because of the mess that they have to clean up afterwards. Oil gets everywhere, and when it is given the opportunity to harden, it can be a real nightmare to get off. This simply isn’t a problem with the air fryer, it doesn’t collect grease anywhere near as much as a deep-fat fryer does, and as a result you don’t have to clean up half as much as you do when dipping things into a deep-fat fryer. This makes the air fryer a sleek and modern appliance that is suited to any kitchen.



·         Small Tray

What the goWISA USA air fryer 5.8 qt bestairfryer.reviews might not pick up on, is the fact that the size of the tray you use to cook the food in the air fryer is quite small. Due to the process it uses to fry the food, the tray can’t be too big, as the food won’t cook properly. As a result of this, manufacturers have had to make the trays within air fryers very small, in order to make sure the food is cooked well.

·         Expensive

You can imagine that because the air fryer is such a revolutionary tool, it’s not going to come cheap, and you’d be absolutely right. The average price for an air fryer is around 80 – 90 dollars. This is, of course, completely dependent on what size air fryer you choose and what sort of make it is. But suffice to say the majority of them are expensive, but this just means that you really have to look out and make sure the one you are purchasing is the right one for you.

You also can take a look at toaster oven reviews 2018 to find a lot of the information you need. If you are still unsure about the purchase, then by all means go and look at the different reviews of air fryers that are available online. A lot of them have some great information on them that will really help you make the right choice when buying one. Thank you for reading!

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