The Best After-Dinner Rituals: 5 Wonderful Options

Best After-Dinner Rituals

Some of the best parts of a meal after the after-dinner rituals. There are so many ways to finish up a dinner party or quiet meal with family. It depends on what you like and what you have eaten, but there are a few staples for after-dinner pleasures and clean-up rituals. The meal is the focus, but wrapping it up with some coffee, liquor, cigars, and refreshing oral remedies will make it that much more memorable. Read below for some of the best activities after a meal.

1. Coffee

love drinking coffeePeople love drinking coffee after any meal. Whether it’s espresso, French press, or decaf, a cup of coffee will tie off the meal well. Sitting down for some after-meal coffee will change up the conversation and augment the vibe of the get together. Not only will it get rid of the flavors of the meal in your mouths, it will give you a little after-dinner energy for conversation.

2. Desserts

Of course the most popular way to finish a meal is with a dessert. Whether it’s cake, cookies, mouse, or another dessert, few people can pass up a delicious sweet after a solid meal. There is no better way to finish up dinner than with a dessert that you accompany with coffee. While desserts are sometimes considered a part of the meal, it can exist independently, in a different room with other after-dinner rituals.

3. Bourbon

BourbonWhatever you were drinking with the meal, you can also introduce some cognac, bourbon, or another after-meal liquor to round out the dinner. A small glass of a liqueur may even promote good digestion and gut health. Not only will drinking something strong put the meal into perspective, you might be able to catch an after-dinner buzz. If you ate Mexican or another Latin cuisine, take a look into different tequilas you can try. There is nothing better than having a drink of a fine alcoholic beverage after an amazing meal.

4. Freshening Up

After a big meal, freshening up may be just as satisfying as the meal. It is a great way to unwind before or after post-meal rituals. Wearing make-up is sometimes uncomfortable, nothing feels better than cleaning off your face after a long dinner party. You can use bamboo paper towels to clean up. Gum, mints, and toothpaste tablets are a great on-the-go alternative to traditional toothpaste. Pop one of these in your mouth and you can brush your teeth or use it as a way to gargle water. Then you’ll be ready to sleep on another bamboo product, your bamboo pillow.

5. Take a Stroll

man-taking-StrollAnother great option for an after-dinner ritual is a walk. Taking a stroll is good for you after a big meal. It’s not only good for you, a passeggiata as the Italians call it is a walk for pleasure that can clear the mind or provide a good opportunity for vacation. When you’ve had a large meal, some drinks, coffee, or a smoke, a walk is the antidote to all that consumption. If you’re too full and don’t want to sit, taking a walk will help you digest your food and keep you active.

Some of the best parts of having a meal with friends are the after-dinner rituals. Drinking some liquor, smoking some tobacco, having a coffee, freshening up, and taking a walk are all great ways to finish up the event. With friends, any of these activities are quite pleasurable. The best part is that you can pair the after-dinner pleasures with the meal that is being served. Whatever type of food you are eating, there are a wide variety of after-meal rituals that will make the night fun and memorable.

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