Quick protein recipes for tasty winter snacks


Winter’s the season of sweets and treats, so it’s easy to forget about a balanced diet when there’s so much sugar on offer. Make sure your holiday cravings are balanced out with some fast, easy meals to keep you happy and healthy – here are some quick protein recipes for tasty winter snacks.

Trail Mix

Some people might consider this more of “combination” than a recipe, but trail mix is a great option for any weather! A good mix of nuts, particularly almonds and pistachios, can give you a tasty snack that doesn’t take up much space or time. The exact ingredients are entirely up to you, so feel free to add some personal touches!

If you’ve got a sealed bag or container to keep it in, you can even bring some trail mix with you wherever you go, so you’ll always have some protein on-hand to keep your body fuelled. Mixing in some berries or small pieces of fruit isn’t a bad idea, either: we usually forget to eat our five-a-day when all the Christmas treats start popping up.

Protein Shake
Protein Shake

The famous protein shake isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes – it’s a great way to get some extra protein into your system. Whether you’re using plain vanilla powder, soya protein or your own preferred mix of powder types and flavours, you’ll be able to fill up on protein without having to change your holiday meal plans.

The best part about making your own protein shake is the control you have over the ingredients. If you’ve got a favourite shake flavour or texture you like best, there’s no reason you can’t mix in some protein powder to beef up its nutritional value a little bit, and if you use flavoured powder then you might find a mix you enjoy even more!

Turkey Roll-up

Roll-ups are like a mini-meal that you can carry in a backpack or purse, but barely take any effort to make. Just get some slices of turkey breast, spread them with cream cheese (or whichever spread you prefer, if you aren’t a fan) and wrap them around some fruit, cheese and/or veg slices of your choosing. It’s like eating a store-bought wrap without the bread!

Even better, you can make as many as you need – there’s no practical limits to the amount of turkey roll-ups you can put together, so you could make a day’s worth in advance and keep them in the fridge until you get peckish. Since they’re so easy to make, it’d take up hardly any of your afternoon.



Granola can take a bit longer to make, but the results are more than worth it. Combining everything you need for the basic granola (oats, syrup, nuts, seeds and your own selection of extra ingredients) is as easy as mixing it together and baking it for 24 minutes, with a break in-between, until it goes golden-brown. Then, just sprinkle on some fruit (or whatever else you want to cover it with) and enjoy!

You can also dip it into Greek yoghurt for a much higher protein boost than you’d get from dry granola, although this might not be ideal in colder winter weather. Eating it when it’s still warm can be a quick and tasty way to put some heat in your belly, so don’t be afraid to dig in before it cools.

Protein Powder and Chicken Salad

Plain protein powder isn’t just for shakes and drinks. You can add the powder while you’re putting together a regular dish: mix it with some sour cream, mayonnaise or Caesar dressing to add a bit more nutrition to your meal. If you aren’t a fan of flavourless powder, choose one with a fruity flavour instead – the strawberry or fruit punch flavours by Peak Body can add some more kick to the greens on your plate.

Leaving it in the fridge to cool for a while can help everything mix together, making it less likely that the sauce and powder will separate while you’re trying to eat.

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