Pizza is Not Junk Food and Here Are the Reasons

Pizza is Not Junk Food and Here Are the Reasons

Raise your hand if you are a pizza lover! Do you consider pizza as junk food? Pizza can either be junk food or a healthy meal depending on how you take it. Many people categorize pizza as junk food mostly because of the toppings, but that does not mean you should not enjoy an incredible pizza. However, the truth is, pizza does not have to be in the groups of junk foods. Here are the reasons.

1. Pizza is Nutritious

Raspberry-dessert-pizzaDid you know that pizza has nutrition values? For instance, consider kids’ pizza. It comes with cheese, crust, and tomatoes. Have you eaten the Hawaiian pizza? It also comes with ham and pineapple. Now, make a Hawaiian pizza for kids. You have at least four nutrients from the main food groups. According to nutritionists, food either has nutrition values or doesn’t. So, it does not make sense to classify pizza as junk food. It comes in varieties of toppings and sauces, all with the nutrients you need in the body.


2. Eating Too Much Pizza Doesn’t Make It Junk

You have control over how much pizza you want to consume in a day. If you love eating too much of it, that is your choice. Some people prefer eating in portions and intervals to keep it healthy. You can decide how much you want to eat and what you want to eat. You have all the freedom. Just don’t call pizza junk if you are not able to control how much you eat.

3. Pizza Has High Calories and Fat Level, but It Is Not Junk

woman having Nutritious pizzaYes, pizza has high calories and fats. However, you are the one who decides what should be on your pizza when you order. This means that as the consumer, you have total control of the number of calories and fats you consume in every bite. A lot of cheese is good for bone and muscle building. However, at the same time, it comes with a lot of fats and calories. The good thing is that there are healthy and natural cheese alternatives. The amount of calories you take in when you eat pizza solely depends on your choice. You can have healthy and nutritious toppings if you want.

4. It Is All About Positive Thoughts

Think about this: you have total control of what your pizza contains and the amount you eat. You can decide to go vegan and eat once a week. You can also choose double cheese with lots of meat and eat it every day. The choice is yours. The most important thing you should not do is spend the whole time being negative and losing the opportunity to enjoy pizza. Keep the negative thoughts away and enjoy a slice of pizza. It will do you more good than harm, not to mention the excitement of sharing it with your friends or loved ones.


Are you convinced that pizza is not junk food? The truth is, pizza comes in different varieties, and the toppings come with nutritious values. You have control of the type of toppings you want and how much of it you should have.

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