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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day. We all know that Thanksgiving dinner was a major part of what happened 400 years back. This was a day after Christmas when the pilgrims had first landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. By the time they had reached many pilgrims were frozen to death. The pilgrims were helped by Indians, who equipped the pilgrims with survival skills as the Indians had experienced the winter in Massachusetts and knew how to communicate in English. The first Thanksgiving dinner was hosted by the pilgrims to express thanks to their key Indian helpers, Squanto, Samoset, plus Chief Massasoit, who were the key to the pilgrims’ successes. As there were 90 Indians in total and there was not enough food with the pilgrims, the Indians brought their own food and shared with the pilgrims. The first Thanksgiving dinner comprised turkey, deer, berries, squash, cornbread, and beans.

Today as the whole of America is celebrating Thanksgiving day, it should keep in mind the care shown by the Indians to the pilgrims and as far as Thanksgiving dinner is concerned there are many community dinners and free Thanksgiving dinner conducted by Salvation Army and churches to bring out the importance of sharing the feast in the Thanksgiving day. For Thanksgiving recipes: Recipelink

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