How to make French fries at home

French fries are the deep fried fine, slender strips of potato. It is one of the favorite snacks of everyone especially kids. It is also known as Belgian fries or French-fried potatoes or steak fries. It is delicious to eat and can be cooked at home also with readily available potatoes. The origin of the word potato was from Haitain word who called it ‘batata’. It came as ‘patata’ in Spain and evolved as ‘potato’ by Englishmen.

The credit of it’s popularity goes to a French Army officer who was imprisoned for seven years and had potato as his prison diet because it was cheap to serve to prisoners. After release he managed to offer potato to the French Court. It was liked by queen Marie Antoinette and got famous as French cuisine. The fried potato wedges were made in Paris for the first time by an unknown chef. It was liked by people there and the dish spread all over America. They gave it a name ‘French fried Potatoes’. The name got shortened as French fries or Frites.

Complexity level:

It can be easily prepared at home without much requirement.

Time taken:

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes for making French Fries.


For four servings:

  1. Non starchy Potatoes (medium sized) five to six in numbers
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Oil to deep fry


1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into strips of about one centimeter thick and as long as a finger. You can use food processor or French fries cutter to get even sized potato strips.

2. Take a big container and boil water with salt in it. Then put the chopped potato strips in it. The quantity of water should be such that potatoes get completely into it.

3. Parboil them. Remove the excess water and keep the potato strips in fridge. After sometime take out these potato strips and put them in a air tight zip lock packet with no air in it.

4. Keep the packet in deep fridge and store it.

5. Take out the potato strips from the deep fridge and deep fry them on a medium low flame till they turn crisp golden brown.

6. Take them out in an absorbent paper so that there remains no excess oil. Sprinkle salt and serve hot.


There is another way to make them quickly. Take the chopped potato strips and wash them with cold water. Sprinkle salt and two teaspoon of corn flour on it. Keep it like that for 3-5 minutes so that salt get absorbed in it. Then deep fry it on medium low flame till they becomes golden brown. You can relish it with tomato sauce or cheesy dip.

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