Five Easy Food Cart Menu Ideas 2022

Easy Food Cart Menu Ideas 2022

Although street food has been around for a while, it has gained much traction in the past few years. It seems that the street food trend is sweeping the globe, which is understandable given that it provides people with excellent meals at reasonable costs.

From little unknown towns to bustling metropolitan cities, the trend of food on wheels has beenbooming. So, if you have always dreamt of running a food business, seize the chance since there’s no right time than the present.But how do you establish a business, and what’s the secret sauce for success?

It’s relevant to note that setting up your food venture is much more than wishful thinking. It requires extensive planning and preparation. The following are some valuable tips to consider: 

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Food Cart Business

·         Location

Food vehicle businesses are primarily about locations. So, figure out your preferred areas. For instance, some of the best places to find crowds can be schools and universities, construction sites, or local tourist attractions.

Consider the traffic routes and parking premises before setting up the business. After all, the objective is to be available without being obstructive.

·         Mobile Kitchen

Although this is a no-brainer, it’s worth reminding you will need to invest in a mobile kitchen, a trailer, or a cart to kickstart your business. If you’re on a shoestring budget, which admittedly most entrepreneurs are, purchasing mobile food carts can be your best bet. They can be customizable according to your preferences, and the compact size, compared to food trucks, is perfect for busy sidewalks. 

Menu Ideas for Food Carts

Once you’ve decided on these crucial factors, the menu should be next on your list. Amid the services and transit, the last thing you probably need is the food cart’s menu working against you.

Here are some ideas for you to take inspiration from:

1.      Burgers

You can’t go wrong with burgers in a food business.With people on the lookout for quick and inexpensive meal options on the go, the demand for this popular and delectable staple continues to surge.

They are not only filling and indulging; there is so much you can do with them. Apart from the classic cheeseburger,add an element of twist to make it more appealing for passersby. A fried mozzarella patty, crunchy chips, and caramelized onions are some inexpensive options that can add to the burger’s taste. To take things to a new level, complement the burger patties with onion rings, jalapenos, pickles, and French fries.

2.      Grilled sandwiches

Another great go-to option for your food cart is sandwiches. They are portable, and customers can enjoy them while sitting or standing. What’s more, you can serve them either at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as an evening snack, meaning: long trading hours. And this, in turn, translates to good sales and profits.

However, sandwiches are also a typical food cart menu idea, so you might need to pour in efforts and play with recipes to make them stand out. For instance, you can sell veggie and vegan sandwiches to appeal to a different consumer base. Also, add basic grilled cheese sandwiches to the menu to appeal to the kid’s tastebuds.

3.      Smoothies and juices

Street food and food carts aren’t just about main courses. Smoothies and juices are essential beverages on a food cart menu that yield massive profits, specifically in the months of spring and summer.

For customers who are habitual of having breakfast on the move, a quick breakfast option offering nutritional value is a pleasant sight. So, tap into the market of healthy consumers and offer green smoothies, mixed berry smoothies, or fresh fruit juices.

You can even serve tropical smoothie bowls such as pitaya and acai bowls garnished with different types of toppings like fresh fruit, granola, and nuts to make them look pretty. Pretty food means more pictures on social media, which can boost your food cart business’s sales.

4.      Donuts

This nostalgic food item doesn’t need any introduction.

Most people, if not all, opt for pastries and donuts as a quick breakfast option or an evening snack to satisfy their sweet tooth.

It’s entirely contingent on you which donuts to offer, either classic ones or cake-based. Some of the flavors you can give a try may include vanilla, chocolate, maple bacon, baked jelly, red velvet, and vanilla raspberry.

Here’s the pro tip – introduce donut sandwiches featuring egg and bacon fillings to attract the attention of people commuting to work.

5.      Coffee

Americans’ obsession with coffee isn’t just limited to quirky diners or coffee houses in the towns. You’d be surprised how many people commuting to work in the morning will be happy to find a food cart serving coffee they can pick up when they’re running late.

So, offer much-needed caffeine to your customers to help them start their day. You can choose to serve various coffee drinks like cold brew, lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos.

Besides, consider your food cart a golden opportunity to experiment with flavors. For example, get creative and give a shot to unique and inventive flavors such as strongly caffeinated tea like Pu-erh or Dalgona whipped and frothy coffee. 

Final Words

Being distinctive is indispensable to standing out in the mobile catering industry. So, draw up a well-crafted menu to be ahead of the pack. The food cart menu suggestions outlined in the article aren’t merely the most widely consumed foods. They are also some of the dishes that are pretty simple to prepare within the confined kitchen space of a food cart.

And while there are heaps of different menu ideas to choose from when starting a food cart business, opt for the ones you feel passionate about and get creative with the choices. For instance, ask yourself – is there an increasing demand for specific cuisines in your region? What do you think is missing where you reside? The answers to these questions can help incorporate items that grab consumers’ attention.

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