Dried Lizards to tickle your taste buds

Dried Lizards is one of the popular dishes of Asian culture in Hong Kong. Chinese people believe in drying up their foods for preserving them for long. The best part of such food is that it offers health benefits in many different ways. The lizards are not eaten but used to simmer in a pot for hours for the taste to be released into the soup. And this soup has many medicinal values and is taken on a large scale by the people.

Origin: Hong Kong

The wacky tinge

The dried lizards in Hong Kong are used for additional taste in soup. You will find that such product is sold in Chinese medical shops mostly. These lizards are packed in couples. You have to consume both the genders together in the soup to get effective results.


  1. Couple of dried lizards
  2. Boiled in broth
  3. Chinese dates
  4. Yams
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper
  7. Onions


  1. These lizards are first dried and then boiled in a broth with Chinese dates and yams for additional taste.
  2. They are then cooked so that it can taste like fish.
  3. In some countries, people may find it weird to have soup which comes with lizards. However, Chinese people find it as health beneficial who take this soup when they are sick as soothing as a warm bowl like chicken soup.
  4. The lizards are sort of dissolved into the soup. However, you will find few bites of bona fide lizard meat, with a tartly fishy tasting, and bony.

Heath benefits of soup

  1. Some people use it for sexual vitality.
  2. Lizard soup is also effective for increasing the stamina and boost up the energy.
  3. Many people drink orange juice or take cough syrup to cure small problems like cold and cough. However in China, people eat lizard soup.
  4. For additional taste salt and pepper are used which can give effective results.
  5. It help to lose weight. It also protects from getting viral fever during season.The soup also helps to keep your digestive system clean.
  6. Other than fever and cold, it is also effective in making your bones healthy.
  7. It includes all the nutrition which are needed by the body in everyday life.

Lizard soup is considered as natural and soothing which gives warmness and is effective in many healthy ways. You will find the pack of lizards in a couple which is advised to be consumed by doctors for effective results. This packet is available in the market at affordable cost. However, you don’t get the whacky taste of the lizard. Instead it tastes like a fish. So you don’t have to worry because you are trying it for the first time. If you think that Lizard tastes horrible, then clear out this misconception as it completely tastes like fish.

Try out this new style of soup. Take it when served hot!!! Enjoy the meal.

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