Brunch destinations to visit in Chicago

Thinking of a place that serves the best brunch in the world, then you cannot miss Chicago. From sweet pancakes to fried chicken waffles, some of the most unique combination of flavors is what the place offers.

Some dishes that you cannot resist are mentioned below:

brunch at Au Cheval

Au Cheval

The best dish to have for brunch at Au Cheval is the matzo ball soup. There are lot of dishes that will have you drooling. Some include the chopped chicken liver and the Jewish cuisine Brendan Sodikoff.

If you want something on the lighter side then, you can always try the beef stew, which is supple and silky. This is a completely filling dish and can be had as on its own without anything to add.

bacon dates


Another place for the yummiest of dishes you can hog on for brunch is the Avec. Some of the scrumptious dishes you cannot skip are bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates. This dish you can actually have it as many times as you go to this place. Every time you go, surely you would feel like having it for the first time. To add to the list is focaccia, and the salumi plates. In fact, suggesting something would be a dishonor to the wide and unique variety of dishes this place has to offer.

 fried chicken sandwich

Bite Café

As the tagline of this café suggests, you would not get bored visiting this café 2-3 times a week. In fact, it is exorbitantly affordable too. To include the dishes that top the chart in the café menu are Mashbrown for breakfast, fried chicken sandwich for lunch, and the delicious wobbly (underseasoned short rip special) to end the day.

 rabbit chaurice sausage

Carriage House

A popular and loved place for brunch, Carriage House has some lovely dishes to offer. The list tops with the rustic, spicy rabbit chaurice sausage followed with Sweet shrimp with some old bay broth. This place offers a perfect combination of tradition and reinvention. An affordable destination to satisfy your taste buds; you can also try the fried chicken thigh ending your meal with a lovely flavored hot chocolate.

steak tartare


As the name suggests, the place has a separate section called “gather and share.” Some of the yummy dishes include steak tartare with brioche, short rib chilli, squash soup and the housemade tagliatelle. A sure party destination or a small family or friend’s get-together for lunch or dinner, this place surely cannot be missed.


Some of these destinations need a place in your to-do list when you are in Chicago. If food is on your mind, then this do not miss them for sure.

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