Biggest burgers in America

Americans love their burgers. Then again there are some that pose a challenge to be eaten because of their sheer size.


Pig N’ Chik, Sherwood, Arkansas
Try to finish the Sarge Burger in 30 minutes or less. This burger has got 4 pounds of beef, a 1-pound bun and plenty of fixings. Finish in less than 30 minutes and it’s free!


Big John’s, Redondo Beach, California
Finish a 32-ounce burger in under 60 minutes and it’s free, and you save $36.95. This challenge has only been completed twice in over 1,800 attempts.


Outlaws BarBQ & Steakhouse, Sonora, California
The Mother Lode Burger at Outlaws BarBQ & Steakhouse includes a 2-pound bun, 1 1/2 cups of pickles, a head of lettuce, tomato, onion, eight slices of cheese, 5 pounds of beef and 2 pounds of fries.


Wallie’s Diner,Tracy, Manteca and Ripon, California
They give you 15 minutes to force down a 2-pound Big Wallie Burger. The burger has so many toppings and cannot be sliced. If you can finish it, you get the burger for free and are eligible to enter early for the Monster Burger Contest, with a chance to win $1,000.

Colorado Burger

River Rock Café, Walden, Colorado

The 3-Pounder Competition at this restaurant in tiny Walden triples the 1-pound River Rock Volcano Burger which is a flaming combo of beef, pepper jack cheese, chipotle sauce, jalapenos, bacon and flaked habaneros on a bun. Finish it and receive a free T-shirt, picture on the wall and full refund of the $24.95 price.


Diggers Diner, Brush, Colorado           
The State Champion Burger, contains 3-pounds of beef, a 1 1/2-pound bun, eight slices of cheese, half a tomato, half an onion, one-half-head of lettuce, a half a cup of pickles and 12 ounces of fries. If you can finish in one hour, the burger is free and you’ll be put on the Wall of Fame.


Tubby’s Diner, Pueblo, Colorado

If you can finish Tubby’s 5-pound Burger in just one hour, it’s free. The burger includes two orders of fries and a drink.


Bokampers, Plantation, Florida
You have one hour to devour a 3-pound beats of a burger with eight slices of bacon, four slabs of cheese, four farm-fresh fried eggs and French fries. If you finish in time, the burger is free. Bokampers also will post your picture on their Wall of Fame.


Stevie Tomato’s Sports Page, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples, Florida
Stevie’s 5-pound Heavyweight Champ Burger includes 3 pounds of beef, a half-pound of lettuce, a half-pound of tomato and a bun. If you get it all in 30 minutes, the burger is free.

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