A Guide to Pairing Whiskey with Your Favorite Food

Pairing Whiskey with Your Favorite Food

What’s better than drinking a nice glass of whiskey with some tasty food to go along with it? If you are a foodie and a whiskey lover, you know what we are talking about. Have a look at our favorite food and whiskey pairings, and see which one is most likely to tweak your tastebuds.

1. Whiskey and Cheese

Whiskey and CheeseWhat’s better than a cheese platter with your favorite whiskey?! If you love these two together, there is no doubt that this pairing will be to die for. You can enjoy milder cheeses, like Gouda or cheddar cheese, paired with light whiskeys, such as rye whisky or blended scotch. If you want a more intense experience from your combination of foods and drinks, go for hard cheeses accompanied by single malt whiskeys. If you prefer stronger alco-pops, you can even try pairing a nice peaty scotch with blue cheese. 

2. Whiskey and Steak

This is a classic combination that is loved all over the world. Prime rib and grilled steak (preferably medium-rare), as well as burgers and steaks, go well with most types of whiskeys. Just pick the one you love, pour it into a glass, and enjoy. 

3. Whiskey and Fruit

Whiskey and FruitThere are many fruits that you can pair with your favorite glass of whiskey. There are some fruits, however, that have been proven to go very well with bourbon whiskeys. One of the most popular fruit flavors to pair with whiskey is apple. The sweetness from the apples can balance out the smoky, sweet notes from your whiskey, while also allowing a hint of cinnamon through. Another great combination is strawberries and bourbon. Like apples, strawberries have a naturally sweet flavor that can complement many different types of whiskeys. 

4. Whiskey and Seafood

Seafood is one of the most popular foods in many countries. For this reason, consider pairing your bourbon whiskey with your seafood platter. Seafood has a great impact on your sense of taste, due to its natural saline flavor that works well with the sweetness of bourbon whiskey. 

5. Whiskey and Dark Chocolate

Whiskey and Dark ChocolateIf you love your chocolate and whiskey dark, try matching them together. You will be surprised by how good the pairing is, and you will certainly keep trying it again and again. The sweet taste of dark chocolate goes a long way in masking the smoky flavor of whiskey that might otherwise seem heavy or harsh on your palate. So, next time you are eating some dark chocolate, give it a shot with some bourbon! 

6. Whiskey and Spicy Food

If you love spicy food but also love to drink your bourbon, why not try to match them? Some examples of spicy foods include Indian curry, Thai dishes, and Mexican salsa. Spicy food has a strong effect in stimulating the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is responsible for breaking down the food further, allowing you to fully taste your whiskey. So yes, spicy food goes well with whiskey.

These are just a few examples of foods that you can pair with your favorite whiskey. Of course, there are other foods you could try to find the pair that suits you best.

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