Epcot Food and Wine Fest 2013 – Top Dishes, Beverages and Desserts to Sip and Savor!

The 18th Epcot Food and Wine Fest 2013 to be held at Epcot, Walk Disney World from September 27th to November 11th 2013 is all ready to be a 46 day long culinary and beverage extravaganza featuring sampling of delicacies from across 6 continents, from worldwide celebrated chefs, at World Showcase marketplace tasting booths, featuring over 300 wine sampling and wine and beer seminars, about 150 ‘eat to beat’ concerts, magical ‘Illuminations: Reflections of Earth’ fireworks and all in all a not-to-be missed World Food Fest!


Top Disney Dishes:

The ‘eagerly-awaited’ favorites this year is a combination of dishes form new debutants as well as comebacks from old favorite booths. The Top Disney dishes at Epcot food and wine fest 2013 include:

Scotland: Designed by Walt Disney Engineers themed on the award winning movie ‘Brave’, Scotland is the new Marketplace debutant with its dishes  Scottish salmon with cauliflower puree, watercress and malt vinaigrette coupled with baby root vegetables. Offered with beers, meads and Scotch, it is one of the top Disney dishes that people are eagerly waiting for.

Brazil: Another top Disney dish this year features the come-back of the Brazil Showcase Marketplace Booth with its crispy pork belly with avocado, onions, black beans and cilantro offered with a choice from the Xingu Black Beer, White sparkling Carnaval Moscato and Cerveharias Kaiser Brewery.

Hawaii: The third top Disney dish is the Delicious Kalua Pork Slider, the flavorful delicacy from the Hawaii Showcase Marketplace Booth

Terra: A last year debutant, Terra would return in 2013 with its favorite Vegan Vine Red Blend’ – The vegan favorite Trick’n Curry of Chicken.

Florida: From the Florida Locals, the top dish seems to be the beef slider with hot pickles and white cheddar cheese coupled with the offerings of White Sangria and the Hurricane Glass 5.

South Korea: The Top Disney dish from the land of the Koreans includes the kimchi dog delicacy with spicy mustard sauce.

Top Disney Beverage:

The featured Disney beverage at Epscot food and wine fest 2013 is the Rusty Nail Cocktail, a whiskey martini created from Drambule and Scotch.

Top Disney Desserts:

The favorite desserts of the Epcot food and wine fest 2013 include cupcakes made from chocolates and orange; cheesecakes made from hazelnut and chocolate; and mousee featuring Morello cherry pistachio amongst others.

All in all Top Disney dishes at Epcot food and wine fest 2013 offer the scope to sip and savor an extravaganza of exotic and unforgettable flavors from all around the world.

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