How to make white wine Pizza dough

You need not rush to the super market every time for dough when you make pizza. You need not even use the mixer; all you need to do is to knead the dough with your hands. Sounds simple? The dough is basically a combination of flour and water/milk. So making dough from scratch isn’t such an arduous task, after all.

Pizza dough batter

Complexity level: Moderate

Time needed: One and a half hour

Ingredients: Three quarters of warm water

One tbsp. of sugar

Three tsp. of active dry yeast

Quarter cup of white wine

One and a quarter tsp. of salt

Two tsp. of olive oil (keep extra amount of oil for cooking)

Three cups of bread flour

Two tsp. of honey

Process: Add yeast, sugar and about 6 tbsp. of warm water in a mixing bowl and mix them until the mixture becomes frothy.

Pour the remaining quantity of water in a bowl and add to it, the cup of white wine, salt and olive oil. Blend it well. Now using a wooden spoon, add a cup of flour and mix it well to create the dough batter. Then add the yeast mixture which was set aside and also add a dash of honey.

Now add the remaining cups of flour to the batter and simultaneously continue stirring it until the batter becomes firm and even. Clean the bowl and oil the batter. Cover the bowl of batter with a wet towel and set it aside to rise.

The batter usually takes close to an hour to rise once it rises, divide into required parts, knead it again and let it rest for fifteen minutes. Now the dough can be used as pizza crusts.

The given quantity in the recipe makes four pizzas.


A wet towel is used because moist air helps in rising. You can try other means too.

Don’t weigh down the base with too many fillings.

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