Vinegar the Cleanser

Ever wondered why Romans were so handsome and strong? Let me then tell you one of the secrets. Apart from tasty Italian treats and amazing Italian wines, they also drank something else. Something therapeutic, which finds place in our modern day kitchen as well?

Any guesses. Yes, vinegar. They drank vinegar, but yes, they spiked it with honey. Imagine the sweet and sour taste? I do too. Though it has been widely established the different uses of vinegar in a kitchen and of course in preserving certain foods, there is another side to vinegar, which is yet to be explored fully.

For example, ever have problem with stains on your kitchen counter; spray diluted parts of vinegar into the surface and watch how the stains disappear. So yes, the properties of vinegar, which are still left to be explored, include cleaning properties. Nevertheless, here is a small list.

White Vinegar as Fabric Softener

Since eco cleaning and affordable alternatives to chemicals based fabric softeners is gradually becoming the trend, make sure to use white vinegar to soften your fabrics. However, do not make the mistake of using it in a concentrated form. Mix it with the detergent that you use and yes, do not overdo it. The basic quantity is quarter of a cup for a full load. If a sweet smell is desired, just add a few drops of the essential oils, say floral oils to the whole thing and enjoy.

White vinegar is also some sort of a boon for your whites. Add a small amount to the rinsing or washing cycle of your white clothes and watch how they clean them well.

Floor, Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

As mentioned already, white vinegar is an excellent cleaner of such tough areas. Just dilute it a bit with some water and of course some lemon oil essence or anything else. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a dispenser, spray and wipe.

If the stains are too tough, you may consider spraying some of it directly. However, do not overdo it.

Vinegar can also be used to wipe floors. You just need to mix it to warm water and of course your choice of essential oils.

Vinegar has also been known to clean coffee makers.

Vinegar the weed cleaner

Yes, this magical substance is steadily turning out to be quite an all-rounder. Vinegar is the best organic substance for killing weeds. For an over growth, make sure that a more acidic concoction is used.

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