Vegan desserts you must try in 2019


Vegan desserts are pretty, comforting, tasty and fun to cook. And they need not to be always indulgent. You could make such healthy sweets using minimum of plant extracted ingredients and feel like eating any luxurious treat. Here we have brought some dessert recipes to try in 2019.

12 Amazing vegan desserts:

  1. Cake of raw carrot and lemon cashew frosting:

    Cake of raw carrots is something which is most popular among everyone, no matter of their diet preferences. The lemon cashew frosting gives the right amount of sweetness to this carrot based cake. It is extremely easy to make. All you need is a pan and food processor.
  2. A double decker cake of carrots:

    This cake does not require baking and comes with a cheese and cashew cream frosting. The cake has zero consequences and you will love it for that. These vegan dessertscan be served in breakfast, lunch or dinner or even as a dessert. It is absolutely gluten free.
  3. Blueberry cake having coconut frosting:

    Blueberry-cake-having-coconut-frostingThis cake is free of gluten. The texture is so wonderful that no one could ever know it is gluten free, unless told about it. Blueberries get stirred in the batter which adds up a small amount of fruit flavour in every bite. Frosting is made by combining coconut yogurt and coconut cream which makes the cake like a dream come true. Blueberries are also responsible for the great purple colour.
  4. Raw chocolate cake with caramel pecan:

    Cake of raw chocolate with caramel pecan is one of the best and easiest recipes to make. The cake comprises of dark and dense pecan chocolate base having toppings of spices, creamy and sweet caramel sauce covered with pecans. Serve this delicious cake on holidays to your friends and loved ones and they all would be shocked to know that it is absolutely vegan, raw and free from gluten.
  5. Raw chocolate cake with a fudge of peanut butter:

    The raw chocolate cake is not just decadent and delicious but also good for health. It is very simple to make as it hardly takes 5 minutes in its preparation and all you need is a handful of just 5 ingredients.
  6. Pistachio cake:

    Pistachio cake is the most populardessert in its own way. It is made with all good to do ingredients like spinach and pistachio and is easy to make. It does not need any fancy device and is absolutely stunning. Despite of minimum sugar and a handful of ingredients, this cake is best when it comes to flavour.
  7. Matcha mint and green tea cheese cake:

    This match cake has a combination of refreshing mint and green tea flavours with a little chocolate hint. For green tea lovers, this cake is a must to try.
  8. Soft and chewy cookies of gingerbread:

    These soft and chewy cookies of gingerbread are vegan desserts as well as gluten- free. A small spice proportion gives the cookies luscious flavour and warmth. Also the soft texture makes the cookies so great to eat. Gingerbread cookies are best to serve during Christmas and you will certainly enjoy it with your near ones.
  9. Banana peanut butter cheesecake:

    Banana peanut butter cheesecake
    This creamy banana peanut butter cheesecake comes with 3 delicious ingredients. First is a cashew- based dense butter filling of peanuts that rests over the crust of almonds and dates. The finishing is given by homemade topping of peanut dark chocolate butter cups drizzled with much peanut butter.
  10. Espresso pie with raw and creamy chocolates:

    No one could ever believe that these espresso pie raw and creamy chocolates are actually healthy sweets. The crust of the cake is made with dates and almonds and filings are made with espresso beans, brewed coffee and soaked cashews. This cake is a dream cake for every chocolate lover.
  11. Pumpkin cobbler:

    Pumpkin cobbler
    Almost all of us love pumpkin pie but exploring and branching out pumpkin in other desserts is actually rewarding. The pumpkin cobbler has a crumbly and crispy goodness of classic cobbler and has a warming, soft taste and feel of pumpkin. For the lovers of no- fuss desserts, this one is a must to try for them. It needs a little preparation and work.
  12. Raw and mini cream chocolate cakes:

    This cake is absolutely easy to make and free of gluten. Raw desserts are actually fun to make and are easy for anyone to make. Baking is not required. It is a great dessert which you can make with your kids as well. Also the recipe can be changed with your taste preference. The crust has pecans but you may use any nut. The fillings are made of cashews as they give the best creamy texture. Even macadamia nuts could work well. There is limited sugar used in this cake, so adjust it as per your liking.   

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