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Having tips on food always comes in handy when you are willing to make something quick and scrumptious. There are various online social websites, which are providing useful tips on gourmet food. Twitter has become one such portal that is largely taken into use for gaining tips or tweets on food. No matter what the occasion is twitter tweets would always be helpful in having the correct and perfect recipe, which can make your occasion special. The hints, which are given in form of tweets, are available for every cuisine that you can imagine and even for those cuisines, which you have never tasted.


The top tweets on food

Below mentioned are some of the top tweets or hints on food that can help you in grabbing the gusto in making something gourmet with ease.

While taking use of corn, always select the one, which is having the husk that is pale, moist and shiny. This way, you would be able to know that the corn, which is taking into use, is fresh. Along with this, cut the corn from its cob if you love it cooked or boiled. This way it is easy to take off the corn from the cob.

One of the tweets stated to make noodles with use of zucchini and mandoline along with julienne. This way, you can have the tastiest and softest noodles in no time.



With help of the tweets, you would be able to know that, waffles and pancakes should always be served warm if you want to savor the taste.

While making chicken or turkey for the special occasion, always marinate it in brine solution so that you are able to get the juiciest and tastiest chicken or turkey. Soak it in the solution for an hour to get the perfect taste.

Keeping the spices for longer duration can make it lose its pungency. Never fill your shelves with loads of spices.

Removing the stems of green and leafy vegetables is important. This way, kids can start eating their veggies with ease.

Important and additional tweets

For cooking the perfect meat, you should always blot the extra moisture from it before you start cooking. This way, you would be able to get the perfect sear instead of stem, which would occur if you do not blot your meat.

While making the dishes, which require seasoning, always remember to put little bit of it at one time. Pouring over all the seasoning would spoil the taste of your dish.

Putting the food on the plate is not enough. You should learn the culinary skills so that you can have a collection and presentation.

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