What is Select Beef?

Whenever you are buying meat from the supermarkets, make sure that you get the best quality meat for your family. In the market you will find different grades of meat which is sold under different brand names. Most of you want to select the best quality beef, veal and lamb as it has direct relation on your family’s health. Based on the quality of the meat, the United State of Agriculture rates the meat that is sold in the super market. Before considering the grade of the meat, there are a lot of things that can be taken under consideration. Now, when you buy beef, veal or lamb most of you must have noticed the “Select” grade on the meat box. Let’s know more what does “Select Beef” mean?

Select Beef

When you see ‘Select’ grade that means, it is the rate given to the meat by the United States of Agriculture. This grade considers the flavor, juiciness and tenderness of the beef. You will generally find three grades among which Prime is considered as the first highest quality, then Choice is considered as the second highest and ‘Select’ is considered as the third highest quality. Select Beef is not as juicy and tender as the other two varieties and it comes from very young beef with slight marbling. If you want to get a tender meat in Select category always chose loin and rib portion. These portions are best for grilling and roasting. In any of the primal cut, you will find Select grade in the form of purple shield stamp with the words “USDA”. Meat grading is actually an optional task and it is only done for the meat producers who pay for the service of quality service. USDA usually inspects for the wholesome meats and ensures that whether the meat is safe to cook and also checks the proper packaging and labeling.

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