Ribeye steak: Recipe

There are so many dishes available in the world. The lovers of delicious food and different cushions must try the Rib eye Steak as the dish is very delicious and also easy to make and the cooking is not too time consuming. In the unfolding story you will learn how to preapare traditional Rib eye Steak delicious with ease. The dish is very easy to make and delicious too which is the cause of its popularity in the world.

Ribeye steak: Recipe


Rib eye Steak is a Greek non vegetarian dish. In the french style of meat cutting rib eyes are cut with bone, but it can also be a good choice to make it without bones. Rib eye is a part of meat from roast which is at the top of rib primal. Rib eye is bone less, but if bone is added then it is known as Rib Steak. There are many types of steak like Guinness Rib eye, Bourbon Rib eye and Korean steak etc.

Complexity level: easy

Time taken:

The dish consumes about 10 minutes in the preparation and the cooking time is around 5 minutes which is very less as per the taste of the dish. Following are the ingredients needed and the process by which you can cook delicious Ribeye Steak with the wine sauce.


Red Wine (one cup)

Rib eye Steaks (two 6 ounces each)

Salt (as needed)

Fresh Pepper (half teaspoon)

Vegetable Oil (two tbsp)

One Minced Shallot (small size)

Low Sodium Beef Broth (one cup)

Six Pieces of Butter (two tbsp)

Fresh Chopped Thyme (half teaspoon)

Pinch Black Fresh Pepper


First boil the red wine until it remains about its half or for 7-8 minutes. Make both sides of the steak with the help of salt and fresh pepper seasoned. Heat the vegetable oil to a very high temperature, now add steak in it and reduce the heat. Cook until the steak goes brown on bottom. Invert the side of steak and cook for around 4 minutes until the internal temperature goes to 1300 F. Remove the steaks from the heat and discard the fat remained in it. Add the remaining vegetable oil to the skillet used to cook the skeat. Decrease the heat, add shallot to the oil in the skillet, cook it until it becomes soft. Add the low sodium beef broth and boil on a high temperature for 5-6 minutes. Reduce the heat and pour red wine and any other juices available for use. Whip the butter pieces one by one. Stir them in the chopped thyme and and fresh pepper. Sprinkle the sauce over the steaks.

Serving the dish:

You can use baked potatoes to serve the dish and garnish steak with salad to make your treat a traditional steak treat.


1. To boil the remaining vegetable oil use the skillet in which you have cooked the skeat without cleaning that skillet.

2. Use the fresh salad and pepper available to make the dish as delicious as possible.

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