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An ancient traditional dish that has its roots in Italy. A celebration of Italian cuisine, this recipe is eaten not just in Italy, but is enjoyed thoroughly across the globe. This is a classic pork roast recipe that has been passed down to generations, with modifications of course, but the classic taste remains indifferent. It is a recipe that is cooked only in leisure time and takes a lot of patience to give people the slice of taste. In Porchetta, pork is cleansed completely, stuffed with meat and then rolled in herbs and then slow roasted on fire. Catch on this recipe, if you are bored of your daily routine cuisine. I am sure, it will take you in a whirlwind of taste that is unforgettable and super delicious. An ideal Sunday recipe, this is classic and tempting. Take a sojourn to Italy.

Complexity level


Time taken

3 hours


For the seasoning

2 tablespoons mixed herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley)

4 Bay leaves

3 medium garlic cloves, minced finely

1 teaspoon fennel dust

Coarse salt and ground pepper for seasoning


6 pound pork belly with skin attached

6 pound pork tenderloin

Coarse salt and pepper for seasoning


1 tablespoon golden raisins

1/2 cup white wine

3 cubes of butter

1 cup pork stock

Coarse salt and ground pepper for seasoning


1. Prepare the seasoning

a. Mix well all the spices mentioned in a small bowl.

2. Dress up the pork

a. The belly and the tenderloin should be of the same size. If not, then trim as required. The belly should be of such size so as to be able to wrap the loin.

b. Now put the seasoning mix on the pork belly and fat so as to cover the whole. Then wrap the belly around the loin. Your Porchetta is ready! Now carefully tie every end with a kitchen string and get ready to roast it.

3. How to Roast

a. At first, preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Rub salt and pepper all over the Porchetta and place it in an ovenproof dish. Roast for about 2 hours, while turning continuously and basting with olive oil.

4. Sauce it up

a. Add the butter cubes in the pan and allow it to melt. Then add the wine in the roasting pan and place on the oven at high heat. Add the pork stock and cook till a medium gravy consistency is reached. Season it up. Before serving add golden raisins.

Serve hot with the sauce, garnished with a few lime wedges.


1. Be careful while trimming the belly as you have to take care of it’s size.

2. While preparing the sauce, pour wine carefully with a spoon and don’t drop in the whole as it may spring on you causing serious injuries.

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