How to plan a romantic evening with your loved one

Valentines day! It is the most awaited day of the year by everyone irrespective of their age and region. The day when one shares his/her love with their loved ones. Every single person would like to make this day the best among various memorable days of that year. The most important thing of this day is the gift your loved one is going to get from you! There are numerous gifts but nothing could get down a Romantic dinner with your spouse or loved one on that day. A most romantic candle light dinner on a valentines day is what makes your day complete!

Romantic Dinner

Planning a dinner for someone is easy but planning the most romantic dinner for someone whom you love is the greatest task you would ever be doing. Every single aspect, every single thing should be dealt with utmost care and love. Ranging from the meal you order to the assortment of things around, everything should be done very carefully. Setting up a dinner table properly is the major task of having a romantic dinner. That is where the key to a perfect dinner lies. Here are few such tips which could assist you in setting up a proper dinner table for the most romantic dinner for your loved one.

1. Table

A Small Table

An elegant yet small diner table with only 2 chairs would be an ideal setting for a romantic candle light dinner. This gives your spouse or your loved one the idea that you want to spend some quality private time with them. It is better to have a small dining table than a larger one as the main thing you have to remember is, you are there to enjoy the company of your loved one. The more closer you are, the more better it would turn out to be. So, a smaller table would be an ideal one for a romantic dinner.

2. Tablecloth


As the occasion is of Valentines Day, it would be better to follow the traditional theme of red for the surroundings and the decorations. A red tablecloth would do great to your surroundings and it enhances the mood too. The texture of the tablecloth is what you have to take care of. A good red satin or red silk will do best. A lacy tablecloth would also look good when complimented with a solid color underneath it. Red combined with cream or black could enhance the beauty of the arrangement.

3. Place mats and Napkins

Place-mats and Napkins

Place mats are a must to have a tidy meal but for a candle light dinner, place mats could be used to add up to the existing beauty of the setup. Usually we find place mats unattractive and clumsy. But, using a perfect mat which compliments the color and texture of the tablecloth would be best. Napkins are other attraction on your table if placed and used properly. Cloth napkins are ideal for such dinners. These napkins should be properly folded in a uniform manner or you could even use napkin rings. Even silver rings would do good.

4. Dishes


You would probably like the Dinner to be served for your loved one in stylish and attractive dishes. If you have got none, shop for something which adds up to the beauty of your dinner table setting. Avoid dishes which are disposable or made of plastic. Dishes made out of China or stylish ceramic would be appropriate. It is better to avoid bold designs and colors on the dishes. Choose those which gets along well with the decoration of the table.

5. Centerpiece


You feel everything is set right and perfect but you are missing out few things which when added up illuminates the lovely warm glow which gives you and your loved one the feel of being in love and that is the centerpiece for a perfect candle light dinner. The centerpiece could be anything which is illuminating. It could be a candle stick with sweet smelling candles throwing a soft glow on your loved one’s face making the surroundings more romantic. It could also be a stylish vase with long stemmed red roses or red flowers. It could even be a small gift for your loved one like a box of chocolates.

However, the centerpiece is not a necessity. if you wish, it could be even better not to have one as one might not like to have anything standing between them and their loved ones. So the centerpiece could be an option to your most romantic dinner on a Valentines Day.

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