More fast food is equal to more calories

Fast food: good or bad?

Fast food is something that attracts everybody from a child to an adult as it is filled with taste but it is also filled with unwanted calories and fats. There is no nutritionist who will suggest you to eat fast food if you wish to stay healthy as fast food and good health cannot be friends. Fast food is bad and it is bad for everyone therefore try not to consume it in excess amounts. Fast food is definitely hard to avoid because of its mouth watering looks and delicious taste but you have to remember that everything that looks good is not good for your health. Health is wealth and you would surely not want your wealth to suffer.


Fast food calories:

We learnt from the above discussion that fast food is not good for your health so let us move on and jot down the total calories that you intake from some of the common and popular fast food items. The first very popular fast food item is French fries and they are really very good in taste but along with delicious taste they also have a lot of calories in them. French fries from well known fast food joint Mc Donald’s hold a total of 570 calories and we are talking about the regular size whereas if you eat them from Burger King then you will intake a total of 500 calories in total.

Other than French fries hamburgers also are very famous among children and adults and they are also very rich in taste and calories. A hamburger from Mc Donald’s has around 250 calories and the one from Burger King tops this one with a total of 290 calories. The hamburger from Wendy’s is not far behind and has a total of 230 calories in it. Sandwiches are another fast food items which are close to irresistible and they also have a lot of calories in them and if you happen to have no vegetarian sandwiches then you are in for a lot more calories.


A Mc Donald’s McChicken sandwich has a total of 360 calories while the one from Burger King has no less than 510 calories. So you can make out from these few examples that if you consume fast food on a regular basis then your health will suffer greatly as it will intake unwanted fats with no nutrition at all.

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