Making a pizza at home: 10 Easy tips you will love to know

Since time immemorial Pizza has been very popular in many parts of the world. It is an Italian cuisine and is one of the hot favorites in Italy as well as other parts of world. Though types and flavors of pizza vary, the base is undoubtedly the crust that is sometimes plain and sometimes flavored with garlic, cheese and other condiments. The variations in the pizza come from numerous toppings the world has to offer. From tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sausages, eggs to spices, dry fruits, toppings can be any thing where one’s imagination can run into. Pizza making has been easy for some yet unmanageable for many. It has been often quoted by many that making a good crust for pizza is the hardest chore which can sometimes result in disasters.

easy pizza

Here are ten simple tips for all those who get shivers thinking of making a great base for the pizza.

1. Use your hands to knead the dough

It is best to use your hands for mixing the dough. You can mix the ingredients properly while getting a feel of the consistency. Mix the ingredients with a spoon initially, and then gradually use hands to knead the dough softer. This complete process will not knock you down. Relax! It takes only 10-15 minutes. Keep the dough in a bowl that is oiled or alternatively use an oiled plastic to cover the dough to be kept for rising.

2. Raising the dough

Doubling of the dough, in other words raising the dough is yet another problem for many. Just remember, for getting those yeasts to double, you definitely need a warmer place. If you are having lot of time on your side, you can just leave the dough on its own in your warm kitchen. And yes, if you are running out of time and want to make it fast, keep the dough in a warmer place, a preheated oven at around 150 degree Celsius will suffice.

3. Got to go, refrigerate the dough

You can leave the dough in the refrigerator whenever you go out. It can slowly rise till you come back. In this manner, you need not worry about getting it done after you are back.

4. Pizza paddle is not that important

Not having a pizza paddle is stopping you from trying out your best recipe? No way. It is really not that important. You can alternatively use a cornmeal powder dusted parchment paper below a baking sheet. It is hassle free and remember the less the tools the easier it is to manage your favorite recipe.

5. Pizza stone is not needed either

Just try baking the way it is told above. It will surely turn out well. Use a parchment paper on top of the baking sheet and dust the paper with cornmeal powder. You will be amazed with what you finally get. A good crust for sure.

6. Pizza oven is not that important

Disappointed? How can I get that wonderful crust like my favorite pizza shop when I don’t have the kind of oven that they do? But, you have that small oven placed in your kitchen, right? Preheat it to its maximum temperature for at least 10 minutes and then pop in your rolled dough for baking. It will surely get you that professional pizza oven effect.

7. Grilling is also possible

You can grill the dough. Use a pan after applying oil, put the rolled dough and grill for few minutes till it changes color. Turn it upside down, garnish with toppings and let the pizza grill for some more minutes till it is done.

8. Alternatively use the broiler method

This method is used to churn out pizzas on a cast iron skillet heated to a high temperature and kept in the broiler upside down. The pizza dough resting on the top can be cooked slowly and thoroughly. Some charring is possible. Be careful not to overdo it.

9. Can do it on the stove as well

You can try out directly placing an iron skillet on a stove burner. Heat it initially well, then on a low flame put the rolled out dough. Although be careful not to char the dough.

10. Buy ready made dough

Sometimes you feel like skipping your daily tedious cooking procedures and indulge in some easy to handle recipes. You can buy ready made dough for pizza from your favorite shop. It is definitely not an offense!

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