Hurricane drink recipes

What is hurricane? Many of the people reading this article must be seeking an answer to this question. Hurricane is a very popular beverage in New Orleans and is primarily an alcoholic drink which happens to be sweet as it is prepared from fruit juice and rum. Not only in New Orleans but hurricane drinks are now famous in most of the countries across the world. The hurricane cocktail drinks have been in popular demand for quite some time now and their popularity has only grown with time. These cocktail drinks are very easy to prepare and are served in most parties.


The classic hurricane cocktail drink only takes around five minutes to get ready. The main ingredients of the drink are: 2 oz light rum, 2 oz dark rum, 1 oz orange juice, 2 oz passion fruit juice, lime juice, I Tbsp of grenadine and simple syrup, cherry and an orange slice for the purpose of garnishing. The process of making this classic drink is as simple as the ingredients. The first step would be to squeeze the lime juice in the cocktail shaker plus ice and then mix all the things stated above. The drink then is poured in the hurricane glass and the final step would be the garnishing.


There are many kinds of hurricane drink recipes that can be prepared with ease. One of the popular hurricane drink recipe happen to be storm of the century hurricane. This drink is enjoyed by most of the people and s unparallel in taste. This too can be made in a matter of minutes and is really quite addictive. The main things that are required to make this drink are dark rum, light rum, coconut rum, ice cubes, vodka, gin, triple sec liqueur, raspberry liqueur and cherry and oranges for the garnishing.


Another very famous hurricane drink happens to be Texas hurricane which too is liked by almost everybody who drinks it. There are actually many different versions of Texas hurricane that are served in bars and can also be made at home. Hurricane drinks are famous among all the people who drink alcohol as they have unique sweet taste. These cocktails can be prepared from different combinations of fruit juices and alcoholic drinks to derive different tastes and flavors. Hurricane drinks are easy to make and have a lot of taste and that is why people like them so much.

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