Heights of alcohol

Alcohols are the most effectively consumed drinks through out the globe. As per today’s generation, we can find a person with alcohol habit among every three. Alcohol plays a very significant role in raising the country’s economy. The expensive alcohols are seen in every part of the world but few expensive drinks are produced from only few parts of the world. The expensive drink Cognac is produced only in France whereas Vodka production is seen in Russia. China stands in the first place of producing beer. Here I am sharing the data regarding the heights of alcohol in terms of prices followed by the brand in descending order.

1. The Cognac

The Cognac


Cognac has been the highly expensive alcohol in the entire globe till date as it costs around $2,000,000 and is a variety of brandy. Cognac’s birth place is said to be as France and is named after the town of Cognac and it is produced in wine growing part of France. Cognac aged for 100 years in air-tight barrels. The bottle is dipped in sterling platinum and 24 k gold and decorated with 6,500 sharp cut diamonds. Apart from the content, the bottle itself got a few specialized characteristics. Cognac has the age of 100 years stored in barrels.

2. The Vodka

The Vodka


The production of vodka is high in Russia. Fortunately, the most expensive vodka stands from the part of Scotland. The Diva vodka stands in first place in the world. Diva vodka is adorned like perfume bottle. Each bottle of this Diva vodka is triple distilled and is passed through a type sand of crushed diamonds and few gems and every bottle contains precious and semi-precious and diamonds.

3. The Tequila

The Tequila


Tequila is also said to be one of the most expensive alcohol in world as a bottle is paid $225,000. Tequila is adorned with gold and platinum and the bottle is triple distilled mix of 8-12 years old agave plants. As per history, the ultra-premium Tequilla Ley 925 was bought at a public sale in Mexican city in 2006.

4. The Macallan 1926 Whisky

The Macallan 1926 Whisky


It is just a personal preference. Anyway, for a whooping $75,000. The Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare steals the show as the most expensive whiskey of all time, at least at the moment. You certainly would not be able to find this particular whiskey at your local bar or the liquor store.

5. Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch


In 1942, a dozen bottles of Dalmore 62 single mart were corked. In a cool night in 2005, a man purchased a bottle for $58,000 and shared it with of his friends and placed it in the first row of most expensive alcohol in the world.

6. The Rum

The Rum


The Wray and Nephew rum is said to be another drink that stand in the first row of most expensive alcohol and it was also displayed in the Rumfest. This bottle is made by Jamaican distillers and was one of the four unopened bottles of that period. It is one rare rum as the supply was down out following the legendary Mai Tai cocktail (1934) which used 17 years old Wray and Nephew rum.

7. Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection

Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection


A single piece of Glenfiddich’s 1937 produced was a rare collection and it is said to be the oldest bottle in whiskey family of the world. It was catched up at a cost of $20,000 at an auction after bargain.

8. Macallan 55 years old Lalique Crystal Decanter:

Macallan 55 years old Lalique Crystal Decanter


Macallan’s 55 years old Lalique was on of the beautiful bottle at the time of 1910. It was designed like a perfume bottle by Rene Lalique. The bottle was colorful with hints of peat smoke, tastes smooth with lingering and citrus overtones.

9. Chivas Regal Royal Salute 50 years old

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 50 years old


In 1953, coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Chivas Regal Royal Salute is a 50 years old scotch with smoky anise and raisin flavors was a rinse special enough to be packaged. The bottles were made in limit as the number counts only 225 ,10 out of which were destined for American collectors who eagerly poured out $10,000 each.

10 Chateau de Montifaud

Chateau de Montifaud
Heritage Louis Vallet
50 years old

Chateau de Montifaud is a 55 years old bottle which stands as top lead of winner platinum medal international review of spirits award. It was made rich, sweet aromas of toffee, cedar, sandalwood and smoky brown spices. It was a fruity full bodied appreciation with vibrant dried fruits and finishes with long spicy and pepper raisin flavors and also rich super-smooth Cognac with deep flavor and Christmas cake spiciness.

11. Domaine La Voute

Domaine La Voute
(unblended 35)

A soft supple entry leads to a rich dry, yet fruity full-bodied appetite, with vibrant peppery , and ashy minerals, spices, caramel. Fragrant orange marmalade, vanilla bean, flint, and brown spice aromas Finishes with a long charred wood, dried apple, toffee, and white pepper fade. Elegant and supple with a great combination of fruitiness, peppery spice, and terroir-like minerality. Winner Gold Medal, International Review of Spirits Award.

35 yrs old

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