Food safety tips for grilling season

Having fun is essential and the grilling season is meant to enjoy the ritual of food. Food safety will ensure that you have a good time without getting ill.

Safety first


Leaving your barbeque unattended could lead to accidents, remember safety is utmost necessary. Imagine what could happen if children are playing in the vicinity of an unattended barbeque or there is wooden furniture, over hangings or any other substance that could lead to a fire.

Spraying the cooking spray on the hot grill, is an invitation to a burst of fire rising up or an explosion, avoid it. Instead, oil the grill using a paper towel dipped in oil, so that no food sticks to your grill.


Looking in the refrigerator

Avoid harmful bacteria from developing on your food, make it a point that you do not refreeze your meat, chicken, seafood. Adopt a habit of melting your frozen food before you cook it, once you have melted your frozen food cook it shortly. Even if have to refreeze it, say if you decide to cook it later, thaw it again before you cook.

It is not recommended to keep your meat or fish out of refrigeration for more than two hours. Even when you buy poultry, meat, seafood form a store, ensure that you reach home shortly and refrigerate them.

If you have any cooked meat, poultry, and fish left over, simply freeze it within two hours and it shall remain safe for a month or two.

To enjoy the grilling this season keep in mind the simple advices

Grill your food

The American institute of cancer research has discovered that marinating your meat and fish before you grill can be a healthy habit and save you from Cancer. Marinating will curb the development of carcinogens that may develop while grilling your food, also it enhances the taste and flavor of your red meat, fish, and poultry.

Grill your food to appropriate temperature so that if does not remain raw and harmful bacteria are destroyed. The best way to ascertain whether the meat is cooked properly is to check the internal temperature using a thermometer.

Unless you want harmful bacteria to enter your body, do not use the same utensils for raw and cooked meat. The bacteria are destroyed in the process of grilling and placing your cooked food in the contaminated utensil will help bacteria to cling on it. Wash the utensils after the raw meat is removed from it or simply use a different plate or basket for the cooked meat or fish.

Make the best of the grilling season – enjoy it safely. These are some simple ideas to keep your grilling season fun.

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