Food change

In a world of gourmet cuisine, where the heterosexual male is fast changing to the gastrosexual male, where all day work fattens your wallet and the lining of your belly, and at the same time, the counters of fast food centers, food is an omnipotent and omnipresent element of our lives that if not regulated properly, can ultimately lead to our sipping of insipid liquids.

In this increasingly junk food dependent society, due to multiple and miscellaneous reasons, it is of the utmost importance that we analyze our food habits and keep them in check as per necessary. One of the utmost needs is restraining from the consumption of junk food. Junk foods are of course, lip smacking and delicious at the same time. After a hard day at work, to sink in your teeth into dollops of cheese may be the very definition of heaven, but beware for Man got thrown out of Paradise. In this way, all that glitters may not be gold.


There are certain fundamental anomalies that are incorporated into the human brain since birth.  Thus, being a part of common sense, they are generally neglected. However, to err is human. What is the seemingly harmless act of eating two large meals and two small meals can actually affect our digestive system, for it has to function on a haphazard basis. The proper thing to do therefore is to take small meals at regular intervals, thus mitigating the collective pressure at one period of time and dissipating them among various time frames.

What may seem to be quite harmless liquids and utterly insignificant in consequence and after effects upon the body may not be so. Recent research conducted has propounded that the consumption of tea in excessive amounts may actually harm the bones of the human body, leading to ossification. Thus, what may be quite harmless is always not so.


A humongous mistake in the diet plans of an average human is the non-consumption of fruits and vegetables. Veggies still go in in some form or the other, but fruits that are an absolute necessity get quite unintelligibly left out of the equation.

Lastly, a balanced diet being a necessity was propounded and taught to us during our childhood days in schoolbooks. Today, standing on the verge of digestive disaster, do we get to understand the significance of those two words.

Food is the ultimate fuel of our bodies, whether we like it or not. The proper regulation of this is utterly necessary, that we may facilitate the permanence and longevity of our human machines.


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