Seven fall foods to fight ragweed allergies

As the season of fall is setting in, everything around us is getting drier and drier and the effect is also setting in our body. The leaves are not green now and they are falling from the trees. This is the season when many finds of allergies starts disturbing our health and without proper protection it can lead to major problems. There is no better ways to fight with these allergies other than changing the food habit for the season. You may not believe but there are some foods which can keep us away from these irritating allergies which include cold, flue and breathing trouble.

This is an article dedicated to 7 such foods which are good enough to tackle most of the allergies that happen in this season and if the scientists are to believe this year the season is going to last a bit longer. So you better be prepared to cope with them.

1. The first and foremost in the row is broccoli which should be there in your diet plan not because it tastes good but because it is rich in vitamin c which works as an antioxidants to fight allergies and it also help in clearing blocked sinus.

2. Kale is a leaf based vegetable that is not only good for garnishing but the health benefits that are there in it makes it a must have in this season. It has vitamin A in it which helps in restricting asthma and it works great is treating sinus.

3. There are times in the fall when you get hacked by fever and feel that there is no relief from it. There is one vegetable which helps you get relief of the fever and that is collard greens. This vegetable has dark leaves which are high in carotenoid content which eases the allergy and the symptoms caused by it. Remember to cook them at least for 30 minutes so that your body can absorb the nutrition. Don’t waste the water that comes out of the leaves as they are full of nutrition.

4. Onion and garlic are some of those foods which can be included in everyday menu without hesitation. They are good for the quercetin that they have which works as an anti of asthma. It’s great if you can have them raw as the raw flavor works fine with cold and flu but even if they are taken in cooked for the antioxidants are going to reach your body.

5. The next food item is pumpkin which is the vegetable of the season and you can make them in plenty of ways. They are rich in vitamin A and fight sinus.

6. Carrot is good for all season and rich in beta carotene and it helps in fighting ragweed misery. Cook them in healthy fat and they will be more useful.

7. The next food item is celery which is a good source of vitamin C and anti inflammatory compounds which are good for allergies, blood pressure and joint pain.

If you decide to be healthy all throughout this season you need to include these vegetables in your regular diet.

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