End Obesity – The Fast Food Way!

Are you also a part of the National American Health problem known as Obesity and looking for ways to reduce fat? Are all your resolutions almost always about not touching junk food but suicide seems a lot easier option than that? If yes, then you have good news! Recent studies say fast food can end Obesity! Can’t believe? Read on…


The Concept and the Proponent:

The concept is simple – use of processed food to end the National problem of Obesity in America. The proponent of the idea is David H. Freedman, a regular contributor to the Atlantic magazine since 1998. His concept simply talks about a shift from forcing down healthy food that are uninteresting, to tinkering with food that people love to eat and thereby providing a rational strategy to combat obesity.

The Opponent Group:

The opponents to this concept are the Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman duo who champion the cause of whole some foods as against any junk food that involves any kind of human reengineering. According to them, the fast food industry is purposely addicting the mass towards fat, sugar and artificial ingredients.

The Debate:

The enraging debate between the two above groups remain mainly on the grounds that while wholesome food is available at wholesome food stores such as Trader’s Joe’s, for the American majority food means Burger King or McDonald’s. Hence, wholesome food does not necessarily tackle the problem of obesity. What is required is to use reengineering skills in producing tasty processed food and distributing it through popular food chains instead of asking people to take an entire leap onto the unprocessed(read tasteless) wholesome food.

The Process:

A food item’s ‘temporal profile’ refers to the length of time in which the flavor of it lingers on your tongue, specifically how fat affects flavor. Science has provided us with means to prepare food that is equally appetizing and soul satisfying as fast food. It calls for breaking down a meal’s sensory features. For example, companies such as Tic Gums are working on recreating and mimicking the food flavor textures.

Thus, for all you fast food lovers, the Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich at a Carl Jr. in East Los Angeles or Domino’s initiative on similar lines are gaining popularity in recent days. When you’re hungry all you crave is soul satisfaction. Someone to give you a tasty dish and mentioning it is healthy just a bonus point is all it takes to set you on the route towards fat loss right?


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