Easy steps to make cappuccino at home


Introduced in the thirteen century, Coffee has now become one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plants, this beverage is dark, slightly acidic in flavor and known for its anti-oxidizing capabilities. Among all such variants, Cappuccino is a drink which is prepared with Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. Espresso is high concentrated beverage which is brewed by passing a small amount of boiling water through finely grounded coffee. Espresso is widely preferred for its thicker consistency, a higher concentration of suspended solids, and foam.

This form of coffee originated in Italy, which is regarded as home most complex coffee drinks. Now, it has different variations available all over the world. A shot of espresso under high pressure is poured into a ceramic or porcelain cup. The top of the drink is decorated with steamed-milk foam. One can also dust the coffee with cinnamon or cocoa. However, for ultimate experience it’s imperative to maintain a right balance of milk and coffee with each sip. It requires finesse and knowledge to prepare a perfect cappuccino, which is one of the most difficult coffee drinks to be made.

But here as some simple steps that will teach you how to prepare delectable Cappuccino at home in original Italian style. Don’t worry, if you don’t have expensive coffee machine, just follow these three steps and amaze your pals with outstanding coffee making skills:


All you need is a stove top brewer, if you want to make an Italian-style traditional version of this coffee at home. One can avail aluminum or stainless steel stove top brewer in different sizes ranging from one-cup to ten-cup. Fit this brewer over the stove and fill it with water just below the valve and add finely grounded coffee to the filter. Now, place the coffee brewer on the stove and subject it to mild heat. Gradually, the water starts boiling. The steam arising from the boiling water forces it through the filter to the top. One must remain careful while heating the coffee as it may burn and taste bad. Give an attentive ear to the brewer and as soon the gurgling sound stops remove it from the heat.

Step 2

One must heat the milk up to 65 degree Celsius ideally in milk warmer or a small pan over mild heat until it starts boiling. Once heated properly, use a kettle to preheat each cup for better results. Pour the hot brewed coffee into cups but remember to reserve the top of the cups to be filled with forth.

Step 3

To have the traditional thick milk foam on the top of your cappuccino, you need about 250 ml of milk and a milk frother. Heat this milk mildly as you did previously. To save time and energy consumption, heat this milk along with the milk you used to make the coffee and save it around 250 ml for making the froth. Stir the milk well with a manual or battery operated frother for about one minute or two until the milk is thick and frothy. Take the froth using a spoon and pour it over the cup of brewed coffee. You can also dust this forth with chocolate or any other additive flavor of your choice. For a more traditional flavor of strong Cappuccino coffee keep the ratio of milk to coffee as low as possible.

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