How to make chili oil for that fiery hot flavor

Chili oil

Chili oil is used in almost all Szechuan dishes. It is mainly used in Japan but nowadays it is used everywhere almost in every Chinese restaurant all over the world. It is used not only as an ingredient in recipes but also used as side condiment in Chinese restaurants with noodles. When you order noodles or any other Chinese dish in restaurant, you mostly come across typically red color chili oil. At home, when you prepare noodles or any other Chinese recipe, you miss the chili oil with them. But, preparing chili oil at home is not at all tough job. The secret behind preparing chili oil at home depends on keeping the hot oil temperature right. You can use this oil as dressing for salads, in pasta, to make spicy popcorn at home, in spicy recipes or in any Chinese recipe. It is also used as a dipping sauce for meat. Let us see, how you can prepare chili oil at home with simple and easy steps.

Complexity level


Time taken

15-20 minutes


10-15 dry red chilies

½ -1 cup of olive oil

1 tablespoon sesame oil – (you can keep it as optional)

Ginger and garlic paste (optional)


Cut the stems of all dried red chilies and remove their seeds. Take skillet and toast the chilies, till they can give their aromatic flavor. Chop them into flakes using knife or mixer grinder. Now, take a pan with olive and sesame oil (optional) and heat the oil for 20-25 seconds or till it starts smoking. If you are using sesame oil then don’t overcook the oil as sesame oil will lose its flavor when overheated. Now, add the chili flakes and cook it for 5 minutes on high heat. Remove the pan from heat and turn the flame off. Strain the oil using a sieve. Cool the oil till it reaches to room temperature. Wait at least 1 hour before serving. You can add ginger and garlic paste as well for more flavor. Add the paste in oil before adding chili flakes.


1. Use remaining chili flakes in any other recipes.

2. When blending or chopping chili, protect your eyes so that it will not go into your eyes.

3. You can pour oil into jar and can use it for 10-15 days.

4. You can also use peanut oil or groundnut oil the place of olive oil.

5. For more spicy taste you can add seeds of chilies as well.

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