Five canned microbrews

Canned Microbrews

Being on a road trip and having a canned beer in your hands is an awesome experience. Many microbreweries have come up with many varieties of canned beers. These microbrews are full of flavor that surely lifts up the mood. These beers are easy to chill and store. Moreover, canned beers are easier to handle than the traditional bottled beers. There are varieties of microbrews available in the market. However, the best brands always taste the better.

Here is the list of top five canned microbrews that you should not miss to sip:

1. Fuller’s London Pride

Priced at $8 for a quad pack, London pride is indeed a brewer’s gift. It is a product from the last brewing family of London which has wonderful record of serving best beers. The pale ale has even won the champion beer title of London. It is a product brewed with 150 years of experience. It is light in taste and lacks the usual aggressive bitterness. It has a fruity flavor and can pair wonderfully with snacks made of Cheddar cheese. You can also try it with deep fried fish to take the microbrew experience to its next level. The alcohol percentage of the drinks varies a lot. In London, you can only find 4.1 percent alcohol content, while it is enhanced to 4.7 percent for export. The exported drinks are also pasteurized to maintain their flavor and enhance the storage capacity.

2. Sly Fox Pikeland Pils

It is another brewing surprise from a family brewer from Philadelphia. Unlike other American beers, it has a good German pilsner like taste. It is much flavored and full of aroma. It has a very light bitterness making it very smooth to drink. The sly fox tastes better with smoky flavored meat. You can also pair it with salads or deep fried fishes as it synchronizes up beautifully with all kinds of flavors. However, with a price of $8.49 per six-pack, it is quite cheap like other American beers. So, next time, when you plan to have a barbeque, you should try the Sly Fox Pikeland Pils with it.

3. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Sometimes, you are torn between having a chocolate and sipping a microbrew. Young’s stout really solves that problem. It has a chocolaty aroma due to its rich chocolate content. It is not sweet like other chocolate ales. However, it is not famous only for its chocolaty taste; the stout has mild roast flavor too that surely makes you remember your morning sip of coffee. It is an excellent drink to lose you morning hangovers, which you can have with berries and chocolate cake as your breakfast. It costs about $9 per quad pack, but chocolate flavor makes up for this cost hike.

4. Oskar Blues Gordon

When it comes to microbrews, Gordon ale has its unique place. It is a very strong beer with 8.7 percent alcohol content which makes it a favorite among strong drinkers. It is highly flavored drink with a combination of nut-roast, chocolate and raisin flavor. It is lightly bitter with a citrus taste of toffees and berries. You can have the Gordon with chocolate brownies or fruits that will surely compliment its flavor. It is a costly drink with price of $10 per quad pack. If you are already a Oskar blues fan, then you should attend the Oskar Blues brewery’s annual week-long festival for unlimited free beers.

5. Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

If you happen to have tasted the Colorado ales, then you must love its unique home brewed flavor. The brewer is an electrical engineer who named this beer on his adventure-cycling trip. He and the co-founder even publicized this drink by delivering it door to door on the same cycle. This Amber Ale has a wonderful nut roast flavor making it very desirable. It is mildly bitter in taste. However, the flavor will make you ask for more. You can have this drink with salty popcorn or grilled smoky chicken. It comes in pack of 12 with a cost of $ 17.5. The cheaper price indeed make it hot favorite among beer fans.

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