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Bloody Mary with a spicy punch

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary

And what appears is a glass full of a cocktail drink instead of a horrific witch and you like what you see. Contrary to the proclaimed witch Bloody Mary, its namesake drink induces a potent insobriety making you touch the cloud nine. Its ferocious dash and the savor it leaves on the tongue makes this cocktail potent enough to tickle your taste senses. The best thing about this drink is that it subtly supersedes the pungency of Vodka with its unique piquancy.

Another manifest attribute of this Red hot Mama (as Guns N’ Roses calls it) is that it acts as a hair of the dog. Have it for brunch to cure last night’s hangover. All you are going to need is the following.


1 can tomato juice
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp celery salt
4 ounces lemon juice
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce (to taste)
4-5 celery stalks
3-4 lemon slices
60-70 ml vodka

Preparation method

Fill the glass with 4-5 cubes of ice. Add Worcestershire sauce, a dash of Tabasco sauce for spiciness. Now add 1 celery salt and lemon juice topped with half a teaspoon of black pepper. You can also use olive brine instead of lemon juice.

Add vodka and tomato juice. Mix the ingredients well to make sure that the pungency of Vodka blends well with the tangerines.

To serve

Add celery stalks at the top and put lemon slices on the rim of the glass for garnishing.

There is not one particular recipe for Bloody Mary. You can add horseradish to make it spicier. Instead of celery salt you can use Kosher salt. Make it often to suit your taste buds.

A word of caution: The quantity of Tabasco, Worcestershire and horseradish determines the heat of the drink.

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