A rundown of the pros and cons for the 80-10-10 diet

Old wine in a new bottle is what we can say for this diet. Many people have been on diets that permitted just fruits and veggies. The 80-10-10 diet is a fancy new name for the diet. The goal here is to obtain 80% of your calories from carbohydrates, 10 % from proteins and the remainder 10% from fat. The major source for protein and fat is from the plants and the carbohydrates are drawn from the fruits.


Complete Elimination of the Processed Foods

eating Processed Foods

Processed foods are the largest contributors to your bad health. The 80-10-10 banishes any such food in your diet. The junk that we eat in the name of processed foods invited a number of diseases including cardio vascular and certain types of cancers. Food tends to lose nutrition when cooked, one advantage of consuming raw food is that no nutrition is lost in the preparation process.

The Inclusion of Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetable Salad

Less calorie intake and more nutrition is the chief advantage of a diet based on fruits and vegetables. Research has shown that people who include more of fruits and veggies in their diet live a longer and healthier life. Most people feel that the amount of its consumption in the diet is over the limit. As per a study conducted on American diet, behavior shows that the maximum benefits that you can get from a raw vegan diet is by keeping the number of servings to 4 or 5.


Protein Quantity

Develop brains

Protein is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and the immune system of the body. Proteins form enzymes, which trigger some chemical reactions in the body, the human body cannot function without enzymes. Important hormones like insulin are created in the body by t proteins. The 80-10-10 diet provides just the amount of protein that is needed by the body. Excess protein provides energy to the body and helps in the building and repair of tissues within the body.

High Sugar Level

eating fruits

The diet suggests getting the max carbohydrates from fruits that will require you to consume more than 15 to 18 servings of it. Eating excess fruits can imbalance your blood sugar levels. Even though the sugar that gets absorbed by your body is from a natural source, excess quantities are harmful.

Even the fat that you get in the 80-10-10 diet is not sufficient for the body. Finally, the diet is more of a hype, it is insufficient as per the body needs. Can be potentially risky for the diabetics, has their sugar levels can soar.

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