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5 Quick and healthy breakfast tips


The most important meal of the day is breakfast and many of us avoid that in all the hurry. Ideally, the fist meal of the day, the breakfast should not be full of fatty food items as that would make the body feel sluggish and lazy. Instead, the breakfast should consist of fresh fruits, whole wheat breads, pancakes, eggs, low fat milk etc. Studies also suggest that meals that include brain foods that are rich in nutrients like vitamin B, protein and omega-3 increase the concentration and enhance brain development in child. We have put together 5 quick and healthy breakfast ideas to ease your mornings.

1. Planning for the next day breakfast

The planning for the next day’s breakfast meal could be done the previous day if you know for sure that you would be pressed on time. Pre-planning eliminates all the chances of skipping breakfast as you just would have to oven the food and it would be all ready to be eaten. Pancakes and waffle batter could be prepared the night before. Similarly, the muffins could be baked in advance and stored in an airtight container. Thus, the next morning when you are in the rush, you just got to heat the food in the oven and its ready to eat.

2. Easy to carry breakfast


There are times when you don’t have those leisure minutes to sit down and calmly have your breakfast and all you want to do is quickly carry something along. For such requirement, smoothies are a great option. Not only that they can be prepared with low fat milk but also fruit fibers could be added to increase their nutritional quotient. Banana and walnut smoothies are very filling, full of vitamins and provides the energy required for the rest of the day. Blueberry orange smoothie is another example of a nutritional smoothie which you can easily make at home.

3. Minimize food items that require cooking


The third tip is the best one to be followed. To avoid cooking, try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your breakfast. And if you are not a milk lover, then you can go for flavored yogurts which would supplement the calcium needs for the growing children. Fruit salads, granola bars and dry nuts are great substitutes too for the breakfast. You can try making mango with ginger, have pineapple and fresh herbs etc.

4. Having eggs in different forms

Scrambled eggs

The easiest way to have a healthy breakfast is by having eggs. For those of you who do not need that extra bit of fat, can exclude the yolk from the egg and use only the egg white which is very rich in protein. And conversely for those of you who need fat to grow muscle fat can opt for both yolk and the white part. Scrambles eggs, boiled eggs, spinach or sun dried tomato frittata are the examples of eggs that can be prepared easily.

5. Use low fat milk and butter instead of regular butter and cheese

Olive oil

The last tip is important as one tends to carelessly put butter on the bread every day at the breakfast table. This adds extra calories to your meal. Thus to avoid the intake of fats, cook your food in olive oil, or try adding low fat butter, double skimmed milk and reduced fat cheese for a healthier breakfast. These small tips can help you to a great deal in controlling the weight and maintaining a healthy food habit.

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